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Trinidadian-Sydney artist Gold Fang keeps it breezy on the upbeat new track ‘OTW’. Following ‘Replay’, the latest single blends elements of reggae and new-age afrobeat, in an innovative and uniquely individual culmination of his influences. A gorgeous video with a fresh sunshine colour palette, and crisp, perfectly timed transitions, ‘OTW’ sees Gold Fang musing about something we’ve all experienced, being with someone you don’t want to leave, and feeling that need to spend all your time with them. He achieves this without making it cheesy and the need to spell it out, countering his tight, repetitive chorus with a sudden, punchy verse flow – all paired with a signature harmony that demands all your attention when it comes on.

(Khushi Patil)

Becca Hatch drops dark and dramatic visuals for new single ‘Crash’. Often heard on more uptempo and dancy tracks, her light and airy vocals sound right at home on the more acoustic-sounding new release. Produced by Lucy Blomkamp with dramatic guitar lines and a simple beat Becca bears her soul, feeling the weight of the world on her, but ultimately persevering at getting through it. Directed by Khushi Patil, the video has Becca in a series of dramatic settings, often bathed in blue light, speaking to the sense of being overwhelmed and restricted by the pressures she felt.

(Max Huebscher)

Curtis Damage continues his string of strong singles with ‘Relevant’. In a culture where so much of your legitimacy as an artist is tied in with overt bravado, Damage goes another way, opting for a more measured and calm delivery. With a haunting boom-bap beat from DIMA, Damage uses his monotone voice and steely demeanour to great effect, weaving together witty punchlines and wordplay with the realities of coming up in the streets. Directed by Max Huebscher, the video has him moving through the city, with smart editing keeping the video dynamic. Curtis Damage is one of the best in his lane right now, and ‘Relevant’ is just further proof of that.

(Joey Bailey)

Meanjin/Brisbane’s most impressive multi-threat Nerve shares a short and tight new release ‘BASE 8 FREESTYLE.’ Focused on his elite production and vinyl-flipping skills via his Lucky Dip series, hosting other diverse artists and cooking up beats for them, Nerve staunches the track with an insane ease of flow. With lines about his jawline and how he should play for the Wallabies, it’s no wonder he has become arguably one of the top 5 rappers in the country without breaking a sweat.

(Lachy Hamill)

Tasmania’s Grace Chia returns with a brooding and thoughtful music video for ‘tuesday night’. Having spent a lot of time in Melbourne, the song deals with questions of feeling alone in a full city. Captured by fellow Hobart creative Lachy Hamill, the visuals match perfectly with Chia singing to herself in metro trains and aimlessly wandering around the city at night. Grace Chia is one of the most promising artist discoveries from the past 6 months, not one to be underestimated.

(Uncool Sam)

Complete drops intense visuals for a new single ‘Without A Trace’. In a decade-spanning career, Complete has made a name for himself by being willing to share his most emotionally complex thoughts and put them on record. And with his latest track, he lets all those thoughts fly in a terrifying narrative. On ‘Without a Trace’, Complete fully displays his storytelling abilities, kidnapping a kid to confront his absent father and ultimately take revenge for leaving him when he was a child. Directed by Uncool Sam and Complete, the video gives the story its vital visual component, making the pain and fear in the lyrics feel all the more real.

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