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Eora/Sydney’s Gold Fang delivers his latest single ‘Replay’ in his effortlessly cool demeanour. Produced by frequent collaborator Miggy, ‘Replay’ showcases Gold Fang’s mastery as he leans into a melodic R&B style while staying true to his reggae roots. The camcorder-style visuals by MonteeMadeIt capture the visual narrative of the song with friends cruising in a car, soaking in the summer breeze. This track marks Gold Fang‘s return to the funk-infused sound of his previous hit ‘Move Like This’, solidifying his position as a trailblazer in the Australian reggae and dancehall scene. With its addictive summer vibe, ‘Replay’ will lift your spirits and keep you hitting that replay button to relive those feel-good vibes.

(Joe Plumb)

B Wise is gunning for the championship spot in the game with his latest release, ‘Championsh*t’. Stalwart of the Australian scene, the Western Sydney artist has been releasing nothing but quality music for years, so the winning mindset makes sense. Handled by Chandler Jewels, the production makes the track feel like a big deal, with grand instrumentation and drums that knock at any volume. Lyrically, B Wise is flexing and taking his victory lap, switching flows effortlessly while recounting early days in the game and how far he’s come to now. Directed by Joe Plumb, the video has Wise in and around the home ground of the Western Sydney Wanderers taking up the role of the ‘star player’ on the team, even going as far as to recreate Allen Iverson’s iconic “Practice” press conference. ‘Championsh*t’ is the work of an artist who is at the top of his game and knows it.

(Lachy Hamill & eeryskies)

Iutruwita/Tasmania’s promising new voice Grace Chia breaks down the faults of the Australian government on her new track ‘It Starts With You’. In a track that emerged from “a sense of responsibility to use the platform you have to bring change”, the young artist encourages others to use their voice, whatever that may be, as people begin to wake up for a new tomorrow. Calling for a ceasefire in the final frame of the video, Grace Chia proves she is at one with the music, not simply a trendhopper with an alright voice, as she uses hip-hop for the very purpose it was originally intended for – all the while displaying a smooth and jazzy performance that hits home perfectly. Filmed by Lachy Hamill, in a walk-and-talk style, the music video keeps the focus solely on the lyrics and the message.

(Steez Malase & Dom Lonzo)

Saph brings the West Coast bounce back to the 6k on his latest single, ‘Break That Down’ featuring Donny. Marking his first release for 2024, Saph reminds us of the smooth operator he is over Tariq Nicholas‘ production, infused with the energetic vibe of Westside g-funk beats in his trademark style. The official music video, directed by Steez Malase and Dom Lonzo, captures the duo and their crew on a basketball court, embodying the authentic community essence in the West. Through the lyrics, Saph and Donny inquire about a potential suitor’s intentions, expressing the importance of clarity and understanding in pursuing any situation. Saph solidifies his identity as 6kSaph, making it known the West Coast is not to be slept on. 

(Billy Zammit)

Australia’s R&B prince BOY SODA shares his intoxicating first release of the year ‘Merlot’. Drawing inspiration from the soulful and playful artistry of artists like Smino and Erykah Badu, the Sydney musician describes his new single as “a soundtrack for wine and smoke, a song to curate decompression and relaxation.” Produced alongside Chelsea Warner and Swindail, BOY SODA smoothly sings a love letter to Merlot over a warm jazzy bassline and keys. ‘Merlot’ is accompanied by a visualiser from his photoshoot with Billy Zammit, capturing him in a mood-lit drinking nook that would pair perfectly with the track’s consumption.

(Tommii, Knotty & Blairy)

Tommii brings us back to 2023 with a vaulted video for sleeper hit ‘Better Than I Do’. The brain behind visuals for artists like JesseMelancholy and Lyra, filmed the video during a return trip to his Tassie hometown last year. Nostalgic and homegrown in every sense, we see the Naarm/Melbourne-based artist wandering around beaches and rainforests, captured on an ancient $20 digicam. Sampling Delta Sleep’s ‘Camp Adventure’, the track is a hyperpop/dnb piece about knowing someone is showing you fake love, but craving it anyway, and maintaining doomed situationships. His deep and forlorn vocals take over a crisp ethereal production effort, proving there’s plenty Tommii has to offer, who also produced, mixed and mastered much of his catalogue. 

Written by Tahlia La GaliaDeclan Bailey & Aidan Knight.

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