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Tébir captivates with his sultry voice and smouldering lyrics in his latest single ‘Safe’ featuring Ater. This track, serving as his first release of 2023, exemplifies the Naarm/Melbourne-based artist’s artful combination of R&B vocals and new age soul-infused instrumentals. Accompanied by a camcorder-style video, filmed by Tébir himself, the song is a testament to his mastery. Mastered by the talented producer Iconic Beats, ‘Safe’ juxtaposes his girl’s concern for his safety amidst their conflicts with the actions that contribute to a sense of unsafety. The visuals delve into Tébir and his friends’ Friday night escapades in Melbourne city, providing an immersive experience. Unburdened by his own thoughts, Tébir embraces the journey, delivering a masterpiece that leaves us eager for his future projects.


The Melbourne-via-Venezuela artist Cherry Chola enlists fellow Latin Australian artist Jalmar on ‘Mini Chor’. With the beats handiwork by Russian producer Sonyaindahouse, the reggaeton/neoperreo song is one of the seven new entrancing offerings from Cherry. Released alongside two other music videos, the ‘Mini Chor’ visuals filmed by @versace_princess_iman capture the pair performing atop Melbourne rooftops. Following her debut EXOTICA from last year, her latest project ✿★⁂ lists Jalmar as the only feature, and includes previously released singles ‘princess puta’ and ‘Tip Me’. Cherry Chola continues to impress as one of the most unique rising stars in the scene.

(Herbert Leota)

KingTheFreeSoul unleashes his best solo performance on new single ‘Salamanca’. Over the heavy hitting production by FSNick, the Southwest Sydney artist introduces bilingual bars into his already versatile wheelhouse. Fresh from the release of FS Type Beats 2 alongside Freesouls members Jamel and Jords, ‘Salamanca’ marks his third solo release of 2023. Like the track, the music video directed by Herbert Leota incorporates his Uruguayan heritage, and shows King breaking bread with his family. KingTheFreeSoul has become an unmistakable voice in the Sydney scene, and one that’s constantly improving with every new hip-hop and EDM hybrid release. 

(Dylan Guy)

Jewel Owusu, an emerging powerhouse in the Australian music scene, is gaining recognition for her genre-defying artistry. Her latest single, ‘hurts’ featuring Sophie DeMasi, manifests the Perth-raised, Melbourne-based artist’s fusion of alternative pop and R&B, resulting in a captivating masterpiece. The official music video, skillfully directed, filmed, and edited by multi-talented Dylan Guy, exudes authenticity as Owusu embraces self-expression and explores the beauty of imperfections in relationships. ‘hurts’ serves as the lead track from her highly anticipated EP, Jool Wave, set to be released in 2023/24. This emotive project represents the culmination of Owusu’s meticulously crafted sounds, solidifying her unique musical identity, sparking a sense of excitement for more of her fun and alternative work.

(Josh Barolo)

Jaal has come a long way from the tiresome yet nostalgic SoundCloud grind. On ‘Ain’t No Way’, the Melbourne artist foresees his future, which may feel like a while away but for him, it’s just around the corner. He has an aura and a real presence on each track, especially on his latest release ‘Ain’t No Way’ produced by OGK. 10 seconds in, and it’s evident that he’s different. He’s got something to say, and he always delivers in an elegant slickness that hits. He puts on for where he’s from in the music video directed by Josh Barolo – driving around his ends, chilling at the crib, and laying the track down in the studio. Repping Melbourne’s South-East, Jaal will present his first full-length project later this year.


For Hong-Kong born artist Tommy Gunn, having a heavy foot on the accelerator is nothing new. While most may go on an extended break after an album release, Tommy’s done the opposite after September’s BET ON ME, with ‘Push Start’ produced by 99hurts being his fourth single in 2023 so far. Shot by, the music video finds Tommy performing the track next to a Tesla with a pink sunset silhouetting him, reminiscent of Jaden Smith‘s 2017 hit, ‘ICON’. ‘Push Start’ is elite – his choice of melodies gets high marks, as does his consistently solid lyricism. If you’re not on the Tommy Gunn hype train, this is the final call for boarding.

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