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Tommy Gunn (FKA Yeloboi Tommy) arrives with debut EP and visuals to its titular track ‘BET ON ME’. Produced by the Asian-Australian’s brother 99hurts, it’s a new name and the same sweet melodies for the Western Sydney artist. Bet On Me, the 11-track EP, is the full-length debut from the 23-year-old singer and rapper. On the album cover and the music video directed and edited by Slippn, Tommy is accompanied by his close collaborator, producer and brother 99hurts. Since his debut only last year, he’s quickly stamped his name in homegrown hip-hop.

(Redeemer Visuals & Ruff Pops)

Nokz78 and AMUthaMC connect on their familial, first ever official collaboration ‘Bulletproof’. Signing to Castille Records and dropping a handful of singles each, the two QLD-raised brothers continue their respective hot streaks this year. Produced by Brendon Jonak, ‘Bulletproof’ is an ode to come-up and the unwavering love shared between them and their closest. Directed by Redeemer Visuals and Ruff Pops, the photoshoot music video is a family affair, celebrating those around them (including frequent collaborator Lawd Lance who can never pose seriously) and the path Nokz and Amu have paved since their debuts in 2020.

(Laura LoRes)

Lauren. returns with ‘ATM’, another empowering anthem for her first single since 2020. Produced by Miggy, the warping synths and bass-line curl around every word from the east-coast rapper’s slow and captivating delivery. The hustler’s hook is underlined by her braggadocious and focused-in verses on easily one of her best released tracks. The accompanying trippy and in-your-face music video is directed by Laura LoRes. Lauren.’s driving motivation behind her tracks is to make women feel unapologetic about their sexuality, stating “the energy is inspiring and motivating when women come together and support each other.”


Sydney rapper Skem shares an update on his journey on ‘Not In The Blueprint’. Since his debut in 2019 with ‘Time Will Tell’, new releases have been few and far between. When they do come though, like last year’s incredibly poignant track ‘LVST TIME‘, Skem paints bitter pictures of reality with his lyricism. Produced by RC Beats, ‘Not In The Blueprint’ begins with a Lil Wayne quote on authenticity and media portrayal. In the music video, shot and edited by Slippn, he explores the issues with mental health, drug abuse and relationships that lead to his absence.


Rops1 touches on the family that made him who he is on new single ‘HEARTLESS’. On his second release in 2022, following ‘All Talk’, the Mac Fields emcee raps over the guitar melody and trap drums produced by Sefru. Throughout ‘HEARTLESS’, Rops discusses the passing of multiple family members, falling out with his brother and becoming a husband and father in recent years. Home to his breakout 1Take videos that first grew his fanbase, the music video is released through ONELOVE CREATIONS with MistahMez shooting Rops performing in darkly lit studio settings and more.

(Directed by Jordan Ruyi Blanch)

MLBRN addresses his truth on latest record ‘Missed Calls’ and the accompanying short film. Released via Brotherhood Music, the Melbourne-based rapper chooses music over violence, detailing a falling-out he had a few years ago with one of his closest and oldest friends. Produced by Kasxbeats and Paradigm, MLBRN sings through his pain in the melodic hook and shares his perspective in each verse. Directed by Jordan Ruyi Blanch, the 10-minute long OneHouse music video interjects cutscenes and starts with MLBRN speaking to camera – “I thought what better way to get the truth out than to provide it through my music.”

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