Along the likes of Doja Cat and Lil Nas X, Flo Milli is among the first sensations to solidify their status as hip-hop mainstays from the Tik Tok era.

The Alabama artist wrote her first track when she was just 9 years old, and only two years later formed the rap group Pink Mafia. Yep, you guessed it, Flo is a Barb, and it was a Nicki Minaj appearance on the TV show 106&Park that directed her to write consistently. Short verses later blossomed into full songs, and she eventually released her first song when at 15-years-old.

At surface level, Flo Milli’s grand entrance was overnight. However in reality, it’s something she’s been manifesting, dreaming of, and working hard towards for almost a decade. But that’s the internet for you, it can blow people up overnight who don’t expect it, while also offering a platform to people who truly deserve it. Flo is definitely the latter.

“I had a lot of things that I wanted to do; like act, dance, model, but out of all of those, making music was my favourite one. By age 11 I knew, but maybe age 17 I started to take it seriously.”

Fast-forward three years and the final call for passengers on air Flo Milli rings out, although in comparison to what’s destined to come – few seats are occupied just yet. The 22-year-old debuted with ‘Beef FloMix’ and ‘In The Party’ in 2019, both subsequently scoring Gold certification which led to RCA Records quickly swooping her up. It was just the beginning for the young Alabaman, the taste of success becoming truly addicting.

“I remember carrying around a notebook and writing – “I AM THAT BIT*H”, “I WILL BE THIS”, “I WILL BE A MILLIONAIRE”. Just writing stuff that I wanted to come into fruition. Or just saying “I am beautiful”, “I am smart”, “I am genius”. When I walked the hallways I was saying it over and over in my head.”

Ho, Why Is You Here?, the debut project after a run of singles and a Rolling Loud performance, was met with immense praise and critical acclaim, particularly from Rolling Stone who listed it in their ‘200 Greatest Hip Hop Albums Of All Time’. All the momentum was pushing her forward and Flo continued to soar, recieving the draft call from XXL to name her in their 2021 Freshman Class.

Accolades haven’t been the only thing expanding in Flo’s career, with the recent addition of You Still Here, Ho? to her budding discography. She’s got hits on hits, and an expanding profile with the clientele to back it up. So far, she’s collaborated with artists like Latto, Benee, and Rich the Kid. The 17-track project features Babyface Ray and Rico Nasty, and is both nostalgically and aesthetically inspired by the 2000s. Channeling the sounds of her childhood into YSHH, Flo Milli delivers an atmospheric and bubbly rap performance. Thematically, her music is that of self confidence, self-love and manifestation for a better tomorrow. Combine all that on some of the most upbeat and Southern-influenced trap production, and you get Flo Milli.

“You really have to learn to love yourself. That’s what I put in my music. It’s just affirmations that make you feel good.”

The future of women in the rap game is in very safe hands with artists like Flo Milli, Doechii, and Lakeyah leading the charge, following the OG predecessors a’la Missy Elliott and Lil Kim.

“They couldn’t be me, but they can definitely be the best version of themselves. Don’t create a Plan-B because that’s not believing in your Plan-A. Have your own mind, don’t follow the crowd.”

More and more promising acts are becoming established and opening up doors that were previously barricaded shut by a sometimes narrow-minded hip-hop community. Flo wants to continue the tradition of inspiration, aiming to light the spark that produces the next great generation of female artists, while still chasing the greats that blazed the trail she walks on. Check out our interview with Flo Mill below.

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