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(Navsrevenge & MIKO MAL)

Babyface Mal and Nerve reaffirm themselves as the country’s favourite cross-state duo on ‘Tramp’. Recorded in the same night as their last link up ‘GUMBOOTS’, Naarm/Melbourne rapper Mal interpolates Ye and Lil Pump’s 2018 ‘I Love It’ for the hook. Over another thumping naughties-inspired instrumental by Meanjin/Brisbane’s best, the energy is infectious and the bars are effortless – we’ve come to expect nothing less from the two emcees. Directed by Navsrevenge and MIKO MAL (Mal’s directorial alias), the music video follows them on a night out shopping and clubbing in Melbourne city. Marking their fourth release together in three years, ‘Tramp’ exudes the same winning formula as before but as their solo careers flourish further, their collaborations only get better.

(Max Dona)

Selasie mesmerises listeners with his smooth melodies and heartfelt lyrics on his latest single ‘I Feel Something’. Released as his 2023 debut, it beautifully showcases the Eora/Sydney-based artist’s talent for blending R&B vocals with soulful, contemporary instrumentals. Directed by Max Dona, the accompanying visualiser tells a flirty and introspective story of Selasie’s pursuit of love, delving into his emotional journey as he gives his all and picks up the pieces of his heart when she departs. He is aware of his emotions and has no fear in expressing his vulnerability. Complementing the lead single ‘Survival‘ and its successor ‘Unnatural‘, ‘I Feel Something’ adds to the success of this R&B lover-boy.

(Milo Lee)

The highly anticipated link up between two of the country’s biggest stars has arrived. Following ‘Show Me The Money’ alongside UK duo Snakehips, Tkay Maidza is back with another DJ/MC collaboration as her first lead single of the year. On the thunderous production of legendary Australian act Flume, Tkay unveils a loud anthem for the quiet hard workers on ‘Silent Assassin’. Directed and edited by Milo Lee, the accompanying music video captures the Zimbabwean-Australian artist giving her best Mad Max: Fury Road-inspired performance. Currently in LA, Tkay will return to later this month for Splendour In The Grass and as Lizzo’s support act on her Australia and New Zealand tour.

(Bryce TM & Ivan Ooze)

Ivan Ooze enlists Yung Shogun on ‘Smoke’, his second single of the year following solo effort ‘Ghosts’. Produced by Gloom Jones, the two Melbourne rappers join forces for a bass-heavy celebration of money making and weed smoking. After some time off and a few club-ready verses last year, Ivan Ooze comfortably embraces his renaissance era and continues to evolve as an OG of the 3k underground. Directed and edited by Bryce TM, Ooze and Shogun’s already animated punchlines come to life in the comedic music video. The arrival of ‘Smoke’ also brings forth the announcement of his next EP scheduled for release later this year. 

ABIOLA – 2001
(Holly Adkins)

Multi-disciplinary artist Abiola takes listeners down a poignant walk through memory lane on ‘2001’. For fans of Noname’s soft-spoken and sombre lyricism, the Melbourne-based rapper reflects over her own lo-fi jazz production on the years flying by, her father’s absence and growing up with a single mother until her death. The music video, shot by Holly Adkins, evokes the track’s nostalgic element as Abiola sits in front of a projector displaying photos and videos from her childhood. The queer Nigerian-Australian only debuted last year but her recent releases, ‘Come Thru?’ and ‘2001’, showcase a talent far beyond most sophomore years.

(Murli Dhir)

Big Skeez’ latest single, ‘Go Back Home,’ sets the tone with acoustic strumming in the first five seconds, preparing us for a soulful and moving story. Directed by Murli Dhir, the music video captures Big Skeez standing in solitude, gazing at the coastline as he searches for answers. It portrays his struggle in navigating his identity between South Sudan and Australia, showcasing the disconnect he feels with his homeland while living in Western Sydney. The video’s focus on Big Skeez allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the message as he contemplates how to bridge the gap of his identity crisis. With soulful melodies, emotive lyrics, and impactful delivery, Big Skeez once again proves himself in being the relatable and genre-bending artist he is.

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