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Experimental rap collective EAST AV3 returns with newfound freedom in the latest track ‘Be The Fire’. Criminally underrated Adelaide-based three-piece spoke on Instagram about being previously restricted by management on what songs they could release publicly: “Everyone that has been into our music at some point maybe felt we didn’t care enough to release”. Mirrored in the lyrics, “I got something inside that I need out pronto”, ‘Be The Fire’ displays a promising reboot in the pipeline. On grand production with spacey, ethereal chorus vocals, EAST AV3 delivers a softer and almost spiritual rap track compared to their more hype, trap-influenced works.

(Matt Burns)

Mt Druitt’s beloved multi-hyphenate Sollyy shares the buttery new collaboration ’Riddle Me This’ featuring Isaac Puerile. This Western Sydney pairing has been long awaited since the two have become scene favourites in the last few years. With its gorgeously simple beats and homegrown charm in its lyrics, ‘Riddle Me This’ strikes the middle ground of being on trend and a breath of fresh air.  Directed by Matt Brown, the gas stop music video cuts to a car conversation about Sydney eateries before effortlessly transitioning into something more club-ready. Puerile, usually a very high-energy performer, maintains the vigour handed to him as the pair discuss out-of-touch A&R’s, chicken shops and tofu.

(Jazel Jozic)

Malyangapa/Barkindji powerhouse BARKAA flaunts her abilities on arguably her best track yet, ‘Preach’. Leaving big shoes to fill from production by Meanjin/Brisbane’s Nerve, BARKAA absolutely destroys it. Continuing to pair her singles with great visuals, ‘Preach’ fervently showcases her First Nations pride. This time we see BARKAA and company buying a Wilcannia art gallery, so they can throw out paintings of colonisers, and replace them with Indigenous art, after firing everyone from the company. She tells us about how “life ain’t meant to be that easy, but even with the struggle all these haters wanna be me”, and it’s that kind of self-confidence that has put BARKAA on the path of becoming a household name.

(Jose Halftime)

Jose Halftime is on the run in the new track and music video ‘John Connor’. He is quietly one of the most consistent rappers in the scene, and on ‘John Connor’, we get more of the same. Coming with a non-stop flow, it feels like he barely takes a breath while still filling the rhymes with slick wordplay and witty punchlines, all over a simple boom-bap beat with a slightly haunting tone that gives the whole track a darker tone.Being in the game for a few years, Jose Halftime has been putting on for WA and all their dope rhymers, with a focus on crafting the best bars. Directed by Jose himself, The video has him on the run from someone who he stole from and the police, paying the price each time in a video that’s as funny as it is simple.


Lxrdmc grapples with heartbreak in multiple forms on ‘Hope’. Naarm/Melbourne young gun Lxrdmc has been steadily growing his profile and sharpening his skills, with his knack for witty lyrics and an emotionally evocative style. Taken from his Popular Loner EP, Lxrdmc grapples with the different feelings of heartbreak, feeling betrayed by those he thought he could trust the most and being led on by someone he wants to commit to. All of this takes place over a sparse beat from Skeyez that gives him the space to lay his feelings out. Shot by Karza, the video has Lxrdmc rapping by himself in a forest and by a lake in the dark, matching the vibe of the track to perfection.

(Tully Hemsley)

Yung Milla celebrates success with his new track ‘Shine’. Yung Milla has been dropping a stream of dope singles that have helped put the Northern Territory on the map in the Australian rap scene. With W0nd3r handling the production this track sounds like a club hit in waiting, making a vibe instead of barring you to death, with its anthemic chorus and simple but effective verses. Directed by Tully Hemsley, the video has Milla training for a fight, running on the road and training in the ring before his ultimate triumph.

Written by Declan Bailey & Aidan Knight.

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