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(Munasib Hamid)

Chanel Loren announces debut EP BETWEEN2WORLDS with new single ‘Ring Ring’. Over the last few years, the Eora/Sydney artist has blessed us with her unique flavour of R&B, most recently on tracks like ‘Zone’ and ‘Carelessly Doomed’. Chanel takes her artistry to a bold new level on her latest release, rapping and singing effortlessly over the heavy bassline and brash percussion produced by Jujo. Directed by Munasib Hamid, the colourful music video shows Chanel standing out in bright outfits, often against a muted background, making her pop off the screen even more. ‘Ring Ring’ has confidence and charisma giving it endless replay value.

(Kyle Caulfield)

Allday pulls through with ‘Miss You Still’ featuring another of Australia’s cult following acts Cub Sport. As the third single from his highly anticipated upcoming album, The Necklace, the track is bound to resonate with avid fans of the local scene with the Adelaide rapper interpolating Ben Lee’s hit ‘Cigarettes Will Kill You’. A great blend of simple, almost child-like piano chords with Allday’s soothing signature drawl, and the pleasant angelic tones of Tim Nelson from Cub Sport in the lead section sitting just under Allday’s vocals. Visually even more stunning – the blue hue throwing back to the aesthetics of his Speeding era – Kyle Caulfield takes it up a level from the rapper’s previous videos while maintaining a great storytelling aspect with a range of characters fighting boredom in a hospital waiting room.

(Cerne Studios)

Isadora delivers seductive R&B hitter ‘Streets’, setting the tone for her upcoming project, Read Between The Sheets. “I think it’s time you stop swiping, I think it’s time I stop fighting,” tells you all you need to know about the lyrical direction of this smoothly executed song. The accompanying music video by Cerne Studios is giving Sopranos date night, in a dimly lit restaurant with close-ups of Isadora’s dress and panning shots of her singing about her love interest. Along with Larissa Lambert, the Egyptian-born artist is behind some of the sexiest R&B in the country.

(Live Performance)

Sydney’s prolific crooner SAHXL charms us with an acoustic performance of ‘DO ME WRONG’. With fresh vocals comparable to that of Neyo, the young Sydneysider is so smooth with it that he’s garnered the approval of fans globally and local R&B giants like Stan Walker. For the track’s visualiser, we see how truly acoustic the recording is, as SAHXL spills his guts accompanied only by a guitarist in a room filled with red light. His newly-arrived debut album NEVERMIND spans 9 tracks and includes previous releases ‘TTUP’ and ‘NEGLIGENT’.

(Chidiebube Uba)

DEVAURA drops highly-anticipated visuals for the latest single ‘Venice’. Originally out of NZ, now based in Sydney, DEVAURA has been getting plenty of buzz this year for her prowess as both a singer and an emcee. Law OS provides a thumping, dancey groove reminiscent of Kaytranada’s best, with her soulful voice and compelling rap verses on full display. Directed by Chidiebube Uba, the visuals are as striking as the track itself with shots full of rich colour and a variety of interesting locations and props, most memorably, a car wrapped entirely in a tartan pattern.


ALLCAPITAL and TommyyTerror drop visuals for ‘1AM On Rundle’. Both hailing from the city of churches, the duo have come together for another boom-bap heavy banger. With a stripped-back drum beat and a jazzy piano loop, both emcees let their individual styles shine through. ALLCAPITAL delivers a smooth flow with his higher-pitched voice still giving his verse a sense of urgency. Tommyy’s deeper voice and constantly changing flow give his verse tension and aggression, making for a satisfying contrast between the two. With NO1NETWORK behind the camera, the music video is full of over-saturated warm colours as the boys rap in a variety of different locations.

Written by Declan Bailey & Aidan Knight.

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