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(Harry Deadman)

Adelaide’s herald of cloud-rap, Allday, announces his fifth studio album with new single ‘Access’. The song continues the now-UK based rapper’s recent use of drill production elements, and reflects on relationships that aren’t what they seem. Filmed in NYC by director Harry Deadman, it depicts Alldeezy loitering around a neighbourhood sharing milkshakes with a girlfriend-character, noticeably annoying him progressively throughout the clip, through several cut-scenes in the video which pause the actual music to tell the story, the last of which sees him breaking up with her. Everything about this screams Allday, from the wry humour to the fresh production underneath his Jesse Pinkman bars. His upcoming album titled The Necklace will be released on 2 August 2024.


Auckland’s best netballer-turned-rapper moves deeper into the club scene with latest release ‘Come Find Me’. JessB’s songs often carry a theme of self-empowerment – and this track is no exception, blending Afrobeat elements and soft synth progressions in a smooth display of her eclectic musical ability. This fluidity in her space has earned her some great co-signs locally and in the wider music world ranging from G-Flip to Doja Cat. The rolling hook of “Come find me, I’m just finding myself, don’t mind me”, bounces around through a variety of vocal filters while viewers are treated to a camcorder visualizer of JessB vibing out in the studio, singing to the camera, and performing to full crowds. 


Nokz78 lives with the joy of perseverance on his return track ‘Through The Storm’. After a relatively quiet 2023, the Brisbane artist is back to put the whole scene on notice with his first release of the year. Over Wreckah’s soulful production, filled with sounds reminiscent of gospel music, Nokz explains struggles in the industry, on the streets, and the traps he managed to avoid that others fell into, but through it all he managed to triumph and look towards an even brighter future. Directed by Ruffpops, the video shows Nokz as he is today and a younger version of him writing and performing the song, as well as footage from live performances.


Rising Melbourne songstress CD shares her new dreamy single ‘Love Language’. Emerging from a two year release hiatus, she gracefully invites us back into her realm, bewitching us once again with her honeyed vocals, beautifully explored in the Kali Uchis essence of the official visualiser. Following her successful collaborations on ‘Catcha Grip‘ with PANIA and ‘Drop’ with Gold Fang, ‘Love Language’ delves into seduction and desire and further underscores her intuitive mastery of contemporary R&B. With love as the source and communication being key, CD’s message makes it clear that 2024 is sure to be a monumental year.


Battling within his loverboy persona, Lowkey makes a bold statement with his latest single ‘Toxic’. Filled with sweet-talking lyrics, sensual beats, and smooth delivery, this Afro-R&B track reflects the internal struggle of his past loverboy image. Directed by Nbreezy, the music video captures the Melbourne artist and his partner navigating relationship conflicts in a bar setting. As the opening track, ‘Toxic’ seamlessly integrates into the overarching theme of his debut EP, Redemption. Accompanied by a poignant voiceover midway through the track, it serves as a reminder of a new beginning as he vows to amend past mistakes in his intimate relationships.

(Al Dente)

Perth duo Otiuh continue their streak of left-of-centre bangers with ‘Grande’. The WA pairing spent all of last year quietly dropping tremendous fusions of hip-hop, R&B, Latin music and anything else that seems to inspire them. Over self-production that switches genres at the drop of a hat and has a variety of sounds flying all over the place, Otiuh go back and forth with equally off-the-wall lyrics. Only to be interrupted by the vibey hook which transitions into the song’s final refrain and its brief switch into a dance track. The visuals, directed by Al Dente, are filled with bright, saturated colours and quirky camera angles that only make the track feel even more absurd.

Written by Tahlia La GaliaDeclan Bailey & Aidan Knight.

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