Allday has been an essential name on countless festival line-ups over the years, and someone who can’t go unmentioned when celebrating the mainstream growth of hip-hop in Australia. On the surprise release of his latest EP Excuse Me, the Adelaide artist touches back with his rap roots. 

Allday – the artist alias of Tom Gaynor – entered the scene just shy of a decade ago with his debut album Startup Cult (2014). As one of the most successful hip-hop artists in the country, he’s responsible for drawing rap deeper into the Australian zeitgeist and amassing a cult following through classic singles like ‘Girl in the Sun’ and ‘You Always Know The DJ’. 

In 2017 he released his most acclaimed album Speeding, and it quickly became apparent that he was ahead of what most were capable of in Australia. Unamused at the lack of competition – for names like Tkay Maidza, Manu Crooks and Sampa The Great were only just starting to reach the mainstream – Allday moved to the United States shortly after. In less than five years, the landscape of opportunities and personalities in hip-hop drastically changed, however, rappers on his level at that time were few and far between. 

“I was the only one with the resources and the willingness to do that in Australia.”

Allday on AUD’$.

Having tuned out of the scene in his time overseas, Allday was met with an overwhelming amount of fresh talent when he moved back to Australia. While his last project Drinking With My Smoking Friends (2021) edges to a more pop-oriented and indie rock angle, the new EP finds Allday back in his melodic rap bag. 

Released only a few months ago, emo rap single ‘Runtrack’ serves as his first solo release of 2022 and the intro to his 4-track project Excuse Me. Teaming up with his regular collaborator, producer Simon Lam, the next song ‘Splash’ started when he was leaving LA and maintains the hopeful optimism of Allday’s earlier works.

The nostalgia strikes again on ‘Britney Spears’ where the 31-year-old artist jams as many Britney references with Melbourne-based dream-pop artist Jade Alice lending backing vocals on the chorus. Featured once more on ‘Crazy Trees’, Allday submitted the song as a last-minute addition stating “Sometimes it’s fun to make something in the moment and get it out there.”

To close out 2022, Allday has announced his Early Christmas Present Tour which will find him performing regionally at 14 different venues across the country with Western Sydney artist Big Skeez as supporting act. For over a decade he’s been one of the leading voices for Australian acts, and it’s not something he takes lightly. 

“I’m just proud of being able to still do it. People come and go but for me it’s not about how good you’re doing but how long you’ve been doing good.”

Allday on AUD’$.

Check out the interview between Matthew Craig and Allday below as he talks about moving back to Australia, his latest EP Excuse Me and more on AUD’$.

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