As the hip-hop landscape in Australia continues to grow and evolve, so too do the individuals within it. From diversifying online revenue streams to launching creative agencies, and undertaking product development, artists are thinking and moving outside the traditional box in which they’ve been placed. As Jay-Z famously said; “I ain’t a businessman; I’m a business, man!”, and few in the AU are personifying this like Steez Malase.

Based in the river city of Brisbane with a proud Samoan background, Steez’s presence enters the room before him. Full of charisma and confidence, his bold frame is coupled with a gentle smile; aware of his talents, yet conscious of the importance of hard work.

“I’m always looking for opportunities to grow, gain knowledge, and pass it on..”

Respect must first be put on the name Steez Malase as an artist. One of the most formidable emcees in the land, his catalogue both solo, and alongside Imperial Collective, is impressive. Somewhere between a ScHoolboy Q and Busta Rhymes, a Steez verse comes packed full of intricate wordplay and dauntless statements, evident that the years spent honing his craft have not been wasted.

Malase’s name is synonymous with his Brisbane affiliates including Kei Leeza and Matt Noble, partners at Six Degrees Studio, a creative powerhouse on the south side of the city which has boomed in reputation in recent years since launch. They credit this success to a strong work ethic and team focus.

“Shit’s not gonna get done if we’re not holding each other accountable.”

Always hustling, Steez Malase has utilised his experiences and knowledge to launch his own project The Kinnect AU, a fully-fledged creative agency for artists providing release, strategy, and management services. The roster includes rising 4k rapper Tonnez whose video for ‘Bullrush‘ was premiered on AUD’$ in late 2021.

“It’s my passion. It’s who I am as a person. I wanna help people. I wanna use everything that I learn and pass that on to those coming up.”

In Melbourne to shoot a video for new collab ‘Now You Know’ with ALPY, Spacely, and Rydah, not a minute has been wasted, with the schedule packed full of meetings, interviews, and studio sessions, such his the daily grind. And while business is booming and the future is looking bright, Steez Malase isn’t getting ahead of himself, instead choosing to now focus on gratitude rather than milestones.

“Ever since I changed my thought pattern. Everything’s been going up. I’m more fine-tuned, and I’m happier.”

Check out the full interview between Steez Malase and Matthew Craig below as he talks the growth of the Brisbane scene, linking up with different communities, and making long-term moves.

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