There’s a host of rap collectives emerging from all corners the AU, all pushing their own art, their own unique story and perspective. But there’s something different about Imperial Collective. Coming out of Logan in the 4k, these guys move smart. Founded by Kei Leeza and Kavelli, there’s an air of polish and purpose in everything they do; from innovative brand collabs, to community studio spaces, to niche signings in the likes of Steeze Malase. Every move is measured. And the introduction of newest member Tonnez is another string in their impressive bow.

A youngin with experiences and storytelling ability beyond his years, like several of his Brisbane peers, Tonnez is walking a fine line merging elements of classic hip-hop with modern drill sonics. Bold, brash, and raw, yet with subtle nuances, ‘Bullrush‘ is but a taste of what we can expect from the younger brother of 4k elder Don Seu.

“It’s (Bullrush) about my story, and my background, what I grew up around in Logan, and becoming a product of my environment, but being conscious of what I’m doing and how I move. I grew up for a bit in Logan with my elders showing me the ropes. Although I speak about violence in this song, I’m still aware of not wanting to be committed to a coterie, though I keep those who are involved, close to me, they’re like my family.”

Check out the fresh visuals to ‘Bullrush‘ a day early below exclusively on AUD’$ and keep it locked to Tonnez on socials.

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