PRICIE inches one step closer to her inaugural EP with the release of her latest single ‘BIG GIRLS’. The multi-hyphenate artist has proved to be nothing short of ‘too dang good’, as promised on her debut track less than two years ago. 

Through empowering lyricism and soulful, larger-than-life melodies, the singer, songwriter and rapper has distinguished herself among some of the best voices in the country. Along with PANIA and CD, fellow Melbourne artist PRICIE is responsible for elevating the calibre of R&B in Australia.

In an early landmark moment, the Nigerian-born artist enlisted the enigmatic and critically-acclaimed Genesis Owusu on her sophomore release ‘FRIENDZONE’. Produced by Lucianblomkamp and Tentendo, and written in an attempt to get rid of a secret her friend had told her, it’s an incredible match made in heaven.

Originally planned to film separately during the COVID-19 lockdowns, the visuals thankfully place them side by side in a 70s disco club setting. Released via Sweat It Out label, the music video is directed by Daniela Federici and shot at Sydney’s Golden Age Cinema.

“‘FRIENDZONE’ is another love child of mine. I completely adore that song and that process, the video clip is one of my favourites.”


The “hip-hop poetry infused with a bit of funk” style is something PRICIE says she could create forever. Although, in the features that followed, she committed herself to explore an array of different sonic lanes: from the electronic indie hit ‘Surrender’ with Tseba, the soulful rap and R&B cut ‘Beautifuh’ alongside Mississippi artist Dear Silas, to the nostalgic pop single by Isabella Manfredi

Taking centre stage on her first solo single for 2022, ‘M.O.M (Money On Me)’ highlights her honest lyricism and anthemic vocal melodies over the co-production of Darius Vévo. Self-love has been the thematic core of PRICIE’s music and its a message that transcends all genres and seaps into her other creative outlets. 

“I want to release bodies of work that connects with individuals. It doesn’t matter what demographic you are, I want to be able to share and connect with you in one way or another.”


Despite her hand in fashion, make-up and more, PRICIE attributes music as the creative outlet that “comes most fluently to [her] and also the one that challenges [her] the most.” She prides herself on her emotional and artistic authenticity across all endeavours, most recently and notably on her new single, ‘BIG GIRLS’.

Inspired by the Euphoria character Kat with a touch of [her] own personal feels and realisations”, the dancehall and afro-fusion R&B track unites her once more with producers Lucianblomkamp and Tentendo. ‘BIG GIRLS’ is a proud addition to her discography and one that reflects both her culture and “the quality and value [she] should put on [herself].”

“I feel like I wrote it in two minds. I’m Nigerian and in Nigeria they tend to say – ‘Oh you are a big girl’ – which means like you’re doing big things or you’re being a big person. Then in the other mind is, I gained hella weight during COVID and I’m not mad about it.”


She was picked as a Converse All Star, toured with one of Australia’s best active performers Genesis Owusu and played at a handful of festivals across the country. It’s been a victorious 24 months for PRICIE and with her debut EP It’s Pricie and a headline show just around the corner, the next are shaping up to be just as exciting.

Check out the interview between Matthew Craig and PRICIE below as she speaks on her latest single ‘BIG GIRLS’, being a Nigerian creative and more on AUD’$.

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