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(Killa Kreative)

Zulu queen Temgazi enchants our senses with her potent new single ‘Voodoo’. In the mesmerising official music video filmed and edited by Killa Kreative, Temgazi is immersed in the serene beauty of secluded natural sanctuaries, luring viewers in with her in the spell-binding state of reverie. Much like Ella Mai‘s ‘Trip,’ Temgazi’s narrative revolves around being entranced by the attention of a partner. The slower tempo R&B song, and previous releases ‘I-Way‘ and ‘Radar,’ showcases the harmonious melodies, enchanting lyrical prowess, and heartfelt delivery that underscores Temgazi’s regal artistic brilliance. 

(Gari Guru & Kota)

Winter is officially over and Isaac Puerile and Mason Dane have just the anthem to celebrate. Produced by Tasker, ‘Room Service’ is an instant boost of serotonin, reminiscent of ‘Festival Song’ by 360 and Pez with two of the country’s favourite acts linking up for a soundtrack of everyone’s summer. Both artists body their respective moments, from the Blacktown artist conquering any new sounds he touches to Mason still maintaining the title of AU’s best feature. You can clearly see the great chemistry both on and off camera, with the music video shot by Gari Guru and Kota showing the pair having a ball as they walk down the street, dance, and talk to the Newtown locals.

(Luca Vines)

Whether we’re talking about teenage stars in Perth or the entire country, Vahsoong is one of the most exciting prospects. With baritone vocals like Pop Smoke, and an undeniably captivating presence on the mic, the short runtime of ‘Run Up’ will have you coming back again and again. Directed and produced by Luca Vines, the music video interchanges between live performance footage and visuals of Vah and his boys. Following his Vah EP from the start of the year, the rising rapper is back with a track that’s catchiness rivals his 2022 hit ‘Cop Car’. Speaking this into existence because it could be the hardest rap collaboration out of Perth: Vahsoong x Sowdy x K Tha Sovereign. Someone make this happen.


Otiuh and Mali Jo$e deliver ‘Excursions’, a track that captures WA’s warmer weather and couldn’t have come at a better time. The instrumental from Cesare, one half of the Perth duo, feels like it was made with sounds of crashing waves right outside the window. Mali sets off the track right with an effortless and laid-back flow before Otiuh go back and forth with equally summery and carefree verses. Each emcee finds a unique pocket to shine in, although Jahmeil is particularly impressive with a flow that, at times, disregards the beat entirely. The music video by Al Dente conveys the feelings of spending all day in the summer sun and obviously matches the track to perfection. Summer is the time to explore the world around you and go on a little excursion. Just make sure you’ve got this one playing when you do.

(Deli Records)

In a perfect showcase of all the weird but wonderful elements that make the underground feel so alive, Sour Gum and Lobe offer ‘Why Not?’ The two Adelaide rappers spit verses filled with fantastic wordplay and some top draw references (shout out to Hector from Breaking Bad) over an eerily, slow paced and stripped back beat from Sour Gum. Directed by Lobe and Gum themselves, the music video nails the same underground feel with blurry studio visuals. Gum appears to be gearing up for something, dropping ‘Why Not?’ and ‘Yayo’ a few weeks back, so be on the lookout for what these two have coming soon. While you wait checkout Lobe’s recently released project I Left the House to Record This.

(The Down Under Connection)

Down Under Cyphers connects AU emcees of old and new on ‘The Down Under Connection’ featuring Vanguard, Viliani, Ciecmate, Erik Devine, Phinix, Brutal, Damian Illic, Omega Man, Aerows, Nost, Bias B, and Greeley. Uniting 10 artists from across the country, these types of collaborations show the strength of Australia’s hip-hop culture and the flowers of veteran artists finally coming into blossom. While they each have their own story and approach, verses from Viliani, Erik Devine and Greeley stand out as the track’s best. The cypher is produced by Lachy Hamill and shot by Stavros Vlachogiannas, who shoots a rowdy after party in true Aus rap style, with each artist spitting their verse cypher style with no interruptions.

Written by Frank Tremain, Matt Slocum, Tahlia La Galia and Declan Bailey.

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