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(Tasman Keith & Markus Sternecker)

It’s impossible to hear the new Tasman Keith single ‘Left Right’ and not feel its impact. The Bowraville artist demands your attention, spitting bars with clarity and purpose about everything from his personal history to the way Australian society exploits Indigenous communities for their trauma. An atmospheric loop from Nikos On The Keys is sparse enough to allow Keith’s rhymes to hit with full force, but dynamic enough that it’s never boring. Released alongside a B&W music video, the instrumental cuts as he looks down the lens to deliver the track’s finest and final bars: “Division make money, the mission ain’t money, they don’t care about our street based off the shit that keeps it running, funny.”

(Matt Costello)

Eora/Sydney’s soulful sensation Xela sends shivers down the spine with emotionally charged single ‘Waterfalls.’ The self-produced and acoustic neo-soul offering delves into the vulnerability of finding solace in someone to the point where you can comfortably cry. Directed by Matt Costello, the music video transports us to the breathtaking natural wonders of Bali, where Xela passionately conveys her emotions. With her captivating melodies, she effortlessly intertwines her love for lush jazz-inspired harmonies and rhythmic groove on her first solo effort since debut EP In The Gray from earlier this year.

(Kieran Satour)

Kobie Dee returns with a powerful new release alongside Māori artist Stan Walker. Produced by jayteehazard and Jacob Turier, the captivating single explores fatherhood, familial cycles and the unwavering dedication to improving upon the past. Walker’s passionate and ARIA nominated vocals lead the chorus while Kobie fills the verses with his renowned storytelling. The music video was filmed on unceded Bidjigal Land by Kieran Satour of GARUWA and is intertwined with visuals of fathers from Māori and Aboriginal communities coming together. Speaking on the ‘Father’s Eyes’ video clip, Kobie says “It was really important to me to work with someone I trust and have a Creative Director like Keiran lead this project and help apply a cultural lens and make sure both our Aboriginal and Māori cultures were represented appropriately and in a strong, beautiful way.”

(Killa Kreative)

ARIA award winner UNO Stereo keeps the vibes rolling in ‘Passengers’ featuring Liyah Knight. Following ‘DISCOURSE’ alongside 18YOMAN, UNO puts his three year hiatus well and truly to rest with another statement release. Uno’s a vet, having previous success producing platinum records and working with people like 360, Bliss N Eso and Busta Rhymes. All this time later, he definitely hasn’t lost it. More recently, he’s been involved with artists like Khalid, working on his Grammy nominated debut album and joining a short list of Aus producers with Grammy nods next to their name. The music video by Killa Kreative emulates the classic look of many naughties R&B videos back in the day, matching the message’ Passengers’ writes. 

(Connor Neil)

Curtis Damage has returned with another dark and brooding banger ‘Fresh Food People’. On production by Rxks that’s overflowing with menacing bounce, the South Sydney rapper delivers his bars with clever wordplay and in his trademark husky monotone. Watch out for the second verse in particular, where he hits you with four or five different flows in the one verse without it feeling forced or unnatural. Taking another step in his 2023 hot streak, including tracks like ‘From The Get Go’ to ‘Pop The Boot’, ‘FFP’ is accompanied with visuals directed and edited by Connor Neil. Curtis Damage is an artist that has his style dialled in so you know you’re in for a excellence every time.

(Ryan Bell)

Naarm/Melbourne’s Gabriel LCR self-produces a hip-hop and electronic blend on ‘SOLO DOLO’. Fresh off his latest EP No Starz In The City, the track is now equipped with a music video shot by Ryan Bell. Continuing with the mysterious and dark aesthetic that’s been running in his videos and projects as of late, ‘SOLO DOLO’ celebrates individuality and not needing the company of others. While the video details a solo night out, the song is upbeat, and the lyrics are reflective and motivational as Gabriel looks back at his come up with even more motivation to make something of himself.

Written by Frank Tremain, Tahlia La Galia, Matt Slocum & Declan Bailey.

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