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(Slippn & Mark Sternecker)

One of WA’s best, and arguably Australia’s most capable grime artist, Shadow delivers ‘Lavish’ as his first official release of 2024. Previously signed to Golden Era Records, Shadow has always been able to hold his own, and is consistently praised by giants in the scene like Chillinit, and the goat of Grime in Australia, Fraksha. He keeps it simple in terms of visuals, panning between well-lit shots of the Perth icon rapping at the camera with some 8-Mile level enthusiasm, showing just how locked in Shadow is, in front of project apartment complexes and Mercedes Benz cars, over an equally lavish beat produced by JCAL. Shadow makes it very clear why he has the reputation he does and makes you hungry for more.

(Kieran Satour)

Barkaa knows how to start a film clip. Opening with a distinct “Oi”, we see the queen of Malyangapa talking on the phone in her pyjamas in a kitchen, arguing, before hanging up and texting her sis about a man doing her head in. She then walks towards her mother, who pulls 50-dollar notes out of the rollers in her hair and hands it to Barkaa. It’s this kind of inventive and humorous nature that sees Barkaa recognised as not only one of the standout First Nations artists at the moment, due to her quick-witted and enthusiastic bars, but also one of the funniest people making some noise in the scene right now. She gets into a 1987 VL Commodore, before proceeding to take over with bars like “F*ck is her stupid, hate to be hating on b*tches who do sh*t”, emphasising her value of self-empowerment on so many levels, in the most badass and Barkaa way possible. Gurindji-Malngin director Kieran Satour provides the goods with some smooth transitions, as well as several angles from the car and in a Step Up styled club scene. Barkaa proves to us if “we got a problem, well I am the woman to solve it”, and you’ll believe it after watching this video.

(Vlad Khamees)

Three of the scene’s steeziest emcees join forces for ‘Coloured Faces’. Marking his first single of the year, Voldy teams with fellow Naarm/Melbourne rapper Jaal and Perth artist Mali Jo$e for this cross-country link-up. Over IJALE and OJC43’s production filled with bounce and energy, all three bring something different to the table. Jaal effortlessly skates over the beat, Mali brings his usual thoughtful vibe and Voldy’s hook is stuck in your head from the first listen. With Vlad Khamees handling the visuals, the music video is coloured beautifully and is filled with crisp shots. This is the trio we all knew we needed.

(Nicholas Isaksson)

Maina Doe deals with the memories of past love with new track ‘Lucid Dreams’. The Eora/Sydney artist has been steadily releasing some of the best R&B cuts of the past few years, so it is no surprise that ‘Lucid Dreams’ adds to that catalogue. Over bright, airy production from Finbar Stuart that beautifully complements Maina’s voice as she floats over the track while she deals with the memories of past love and gives the whole track an ethereal, dreamlike quality. Shot by Nicholas Isaksson, the single-shot video has Maina standing in a pond in a lush forest surrounding. ‘Lucid Dreams’ is a glittery, fun track that doesn’t sacrifice on substance to make a wholly beautiful song.

(Frederick McHenry)

Sydney’s pop rock loverboy, Christian Adjeisa, races into 2024 with his latest single ‘Running’. Shot through the masterful lens of Frederick McHenry, the music video transports you to the heart of rural New South Wales, specifically on Ngemba country, immersing us in a cathartic narrative. ‘Running’ explores the highs and lows of love as Adjeisa bares his soul, finding hope and closure amidst heartbreak. With infectious melodies and raw, emotive lyrics, ‘Running’ not only showcases Adjeisa’s undeniable talent but also celebrates the resilience of the human spirit. As his inaugural release of 2024, ‘Running’ sets the stage for an exciting year ahead, building upon the momentum of singles like last year’s ‘Secrets’.

(Colvyer Media)

Boorloo/Perth creatives T$oko, Sachiv, Andi and Namesake immerse us in their Amapiano-inspired hit ‘Deep’. Directed by Colver Media, the music video captures T$oko and Sachiv vibing out in various Perth settings, from stunning Westside coastlines to lively rooftop terraces. The enticing lyrics depict a passionate yet unrefined situationship marked by intense physical attraction and emotional depth, but with a noticeable absence of commitment. Drawing inspiration from their African heritage, the song features lyrics in both Shona and English, complemented by vibrant polyrhythmic percussion and addictive beats produced by Andi & Namesake. ‘Deep’ epitomises the rich creative versatility within Perth’s diaspora, showcasing its distinctive essence and placing it prominently on the map. P City to the world.

Written by Tahlia La GaliaDeclan Bailey & Aidan Knight.

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