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(Nathan Brown)

South Sydney duo T Breezy and Walkerboy asks ‘What Do’ in the lead single from their new mixtape Souths Most Wanted. Impactful and simple production by UTILITY leaves plenty of room for storytelling, blending elements of classic California rap with the local drill and boom-bap scene. ‘What Do’ finds the pair exploring the ins and outs of their hood, interactions, and careers. Extremely listenable and without playing too hard into the natural braggadocio of these kinds of tracks, ‘What Do’ provides the goods for what could soon be a crowd favourite at live shows. Produced in its entirety by UTILITY, Souths Most Wanted consists of 12 tracks from solo joints to other hard link-ups like this one.

(Amanaki Twins)

Planet Vegeta celebrate the release of their new album with their new track ‘Teamin’. Over LKGD production filled with soulful guitar strings and keys on an otherwise heavy track, the Eora/Sydney group allow their best qualities to shine. Ceevus kicks off the song with a melodic verse that compliments his slightly deeper, huskier voice. Jazz’s verse displays his ability to rap dense, thoughtful verses while still having fun, and SVNO rounds it out with his higher and softer vocals to give the track a sweet outro. With the Amanaki Twins handling the visuals, the video shows PV in and around a house surrounded by their fellow 92WRLD member. ‘Teamin’ shows them at their best, and you can find the full album Stay Up at Even.Biz.


Naarm/Melbourne’s R.em.edy dons her brave face on her latest single ‘I’m Fine’. Remaining in control over the fast-paced drum and bass, the multi-disciplinary artist strays from her usual R&B approach. Holding onto her grounded lyricism, her release of the year is engineered by Riverine, an artist of his own and producer for Allday, YNG Martyr, and 360. In two minutes, ‘I’m Fine’ shows you exactly why everyone pays so much attention to this Melbourne girl and her unique artistry. Coupled with a visualiser showing a glitching transition over her eye profile, R.em.edy shows off her impressive storytelling ability in the first line with “crying in your bedroom with your parents in the next room” immediately setting the scene.

(Higher Media)

Curtis Damage proves he’s no apprentice of the trade on ‘Milwaukee’. Off the back of ‘Dolly’, the South Sydney rapper once more enlists the production of DEXTAH for his “murder on the mic.” Sliding across the boom-bap instrumental in an effortless flow, his bars and consistency in the last two years cannot be overstated. The music video, directed and edited by Higher Media, adheres to his resistance to anything too flashy with Damage walking the viewer through every line in the one-take shot. As the third South Sydney artist in this week’s New Aus Vids, it’s only right to ponder on a collaboration between T Breezy, Walkerboy and Big Boy Damage himself.


Moses comes through with thoughtfulness and calm on his latest cut ‘3am in Melbourne’. Bursting on the scene in 2020 with New Wave, the Melbourne rapper has made a name for himself as one of the most exciting young drill artists. Thanks to production from Katmandusounds, the overly bombastic 808s are done away with for a more subdued beat that allows Moses to spit in a reflective tone. His second late-night titled track is a contemplative standout in his catalogue, where he reflects on the negativity he was exposed to growing up and how he wants to be more of a positive influence. In true Moses fashion, he still manages to scold certain rappers for being “gas with a silent G”. Directed by Zacobro, the video has him rapping in an underground car park with New Wave members Taktix and Kid Laze.

(Top Rope Footage)

Goobsy takes no days off, even on holidays in ‘Vietnam’. Following ‘24 Tommy’, the Adelaide artist’s latest track is stripped from his upcoming sequel project Brunch 2 with Kirby. Out of the country but never out of the hustle, the single’s hook flexes his work-rate while the verses find him dropping Australian references in his usual steezy style. The music video by Top Rope Footage follows Goobsy throughout Vietnam, with visuals on busy streets occasionally interrupted by photos from his travels. Introduced on AUD’$ last year, Goobsy is quickly becoming a South Australian rising favourite.

Written by Frank Tremain, Declan Bailey & Aidan Knight.

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