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(Nicholas Isaksson)

Somali-Indonesian singer Maina Doe announces debut EP ODIWAMS with new single ‘Maybe’. For years now, the Eora/Sydney-based starlet has been consistently dropping singles, deftly moving between hip-hop, pop and R&B while injecting each with her unique sound and vibe. Over an uptempo, poppy groove from Finbar Stuart, the sweetness of her voice shines through as she comes to grips with living a lie and observing someone else do the same to her face. With Nicholas Isaksson handling the visuals, the visualiser cycles through a series of shots with Maina and friends in and around a car, laughing as they go. Maina Doe’s debut EP onedayitwillallmakesense will release on July 5 2024.

(Jesse Film Archive & SOLLYY)

SOLLYY takes to the streets of Sydney for ‘WOODCROFT MACCAS FREESTYLE 1’. Over an “Inner-west sharehouse type beat” from Petespace, carried by harsh guitars and a punchy drum beat, SOLLYY takes his lyrics to their hilarious extreme. As one of Australia’s best producers and a talented wordsmith in his own right, he raps with an unconventional flow, spitting a series of off-the-wall, Sydney-centric bars and asking the important questions like “Why is it so hard to find parking?” Directed by Jesse Film Archive and SOLLYY, the video shows him going around Sydney holding signs reading “I’m a conscious rapper, will rap 4 $$$” and “HELP WANTED. Need Audience” among others, while he raps at random pedestrians. ‘WOODCROFT MACCAS FREESTYLE 1’ is a pure example of an MC having fun with a track and sometimes that’s all it needs to be.

(Aztec Flow)

Lil Spacely opens The Golden Lotus with a moment of vulnerability on ‘Lights On’ featuring A.GIRL. The Western Sydney rapper begins his debut EP with emotive keys and pensive lyricism: “Late nights we used to roam the streets, police was on pursuit when we was trying to find a place of peace.” Directed by Aztec Flow and edited by Katashi Films, the music video is dedicated to Spacely’s friend Laylow. The visuals cut between him and his family visiting the cemetery, to him and A.GIRL sitting back-to-back in a dark, empty room. It’s been a long time coming, but hearing two of Western Sydney’s finest finally join forces was officially worth the wait. 

(Brendan Cecich)

One of WA’s most underrated acts, Arno Farji shows us he’s still got the ‘Boss Energy’. Produced by HWLS, whose credits include Flume and Joji, the Boorloo/Perth artist stays true to his sound that crowned him Unearthed High’s winner in 2017. The reserved confidence and bass fuelled hip-hop on ‘Boss Energy’ will appeal to fans of Kid Cudi and Kevin Abstract. The new single also arrives with the announcement of his debut mixtape Return To Raji. To match the soothing and enthralling flow, Brendan Cecich crafted some elaborate and coloourful late night visuals of Faraji for the music video.

(Stavros Vlachogiannis)

Maundz enlists Shadow on ‘London To A Brick’ for the rollout of his fifth studio album, Youth Is Wasted On The Young. Taking its namesake from the Australian cult classic film Welcome To Woop Woop, ‘London To A Brick’ is as gleefully tough and staunch as the scene it samples. Produced by Ramzee, the veteran Melbourne rapper taps one of Perth’s best emcees for his first release since 2019. The boom-bap collab is accompanied with a graffiti centric music video by Stavros Vlachogiannis, and perfectly pays homage to the era of Australian hip-hop in which the Golden Era Records label reigned supreme.


MLBRN returns with ‘HIM’ as his first release in over a year. The Cranbourne rapper has been a champion of the Melbourne underground in his decade spanning career, and he’s back to remind you why. In his Drizzy bag, MLBRN flows with ease over a bass-driven beat and smooth vocal sample. Allowing his wit and wordplay to shine, he stakes his claim as one of the forebearers of the current generation of rappers. Directed by Zacobro, the video has MLBRN rapping in a variety of places, surrounded by his boys in a video that makes expert use of light and shadow, making him look as imposing and dynamic as the track. 

Written by Declan Bailey & Aidan Knight.

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