The Introducing series showcases the upcoming artists from across Australia that you need to be familiar with. These are acts at the early stages of their careers, without the big follower counts, streaming numbers, or video views, but with that spark of potential, we can see them developing quickly. Follow us on Instagram to stay on the pulse of Australia’s hip-hop, R&B, and Afrobeats scene. Who’s your favourite artist from January? Slam the comments with who we missed…


Meanjin/Brisbane-based Randy Thrill$ shares ‘Acid’ from his new album PUNK OF LOVE. Equipped with green-tinged visuals, the addictive trap track marked his first release of the new year. “I want 5 people to listen to this album and for all 5 to go through different journeys, but subsequently have the overall feeling of Love,” Randy says. PUNK OF LOVE spans 10 tracks and features Martine Kite, Jared Bank$ and SJee.


Naarm/Melbourne artist Dexavier returns with ‘Sensei’, and welcomes newcomer Le Prince. After a few years off, the nonchalant rapper brings his sharp lyricism back into 2024 on his latest single. Produced by Burn City Studios, ’Sensei’ addresses his internal conflict as an aspiring artist, torn between self-discipline and reckless abandonment. Making sure it’s a true 3K moment, Dexavier enlists Nbreezy for the track’s fresh visuals.


Iutrwita/Tasmania-based artist Grace Chia debuts her first DNB rap track ‘Guard Down’. Releasing her debut album and receiving the People’s Choice Award at The Young Achiever Awards in 2023, Grace has continued to skyrocket with ‘Guard Down’ and her powerful social commentary on her recent release ‘It Starts With You‘. With a background of spoken word poetry, she uses her R&B melodies and raw raps to focus on her fears of being vulnerable with others. “It’s something I really struggle with, but I’m working on being vulnerable with my loved ones and letting them in when I’m struggling,” she says.


Frederick’s Sun debuts this year with his latest track ‘Next Move’ being his third single in two months. Announcing over 20 songs to be released in 2024, the Melbourne artist is well on his way to creating his alt-rap and pop-punk soundscape. Drawing on inspiration from acts like Triple One and Aries, the self-produced Sunny has bettered himself with every release following ‘Got Legs’ and ‘it’s never going to be perfect’. Make sure to stay hydrated, Sunny Season is only just beginning.


The Eora/Sydney artist progresses through his 10 Week project with the raw ‘Hayfever Interlude’. Returning from a year-long hiatus, Domengo enters 2024 in full force with 10 music videos set for release across 10 weeks. The latest, ‘Hayfever Interlude’, is an ode to never giving up and finding solace in the journey. Following singles ‘YKYK’ and ‘Yung & Dum’, the new track arrives with contemplative visuals to match and builds further anticipation as Domengo hits Week 5 & Week 6.


Melbourne-based performer Maya Vice covers ‘One Night Only’. From African-American, Austrian and Czechoslovakian heritage, the soul singer began her music career in her father’s band at age 12 and has performed ever since. It’s been two years since her ruminating R&B and blues debut project Maya Vice To You but she returned late last year, covering the Jennifer Hudson rendition of ‘One Night Only’ with Jeremy Bennett on the keys. Here’s to hoping we hear an original offering from Maya Vice soon.


Sloe Jack makes his Interscope Records debut with the high-energy banger ‘Wakey Wakey’. The Bendigo artist has made a name for himself over the past couple of years for his bombastic blend of rock and hip-hop, and this self-produced joint comes through with the same energy. ‘Wakey Wakey’ is a track full of power and vigour so if you thought about sleeping on this one, wake up and check it out now.


Eora/Sydney up-and-comer Nogs delivers his polished debut single ‘Can’t Get Enough’. At 16 years old, the young gun arrives on the scene as the leading man on his R&B and gutter rap record. Produced by Sefru with a music video directed by Slippn and Adz, the Sydney spirit bleeds through every moment. Having previously produced for the likes of The 046 and Shely210, there’s no doubt we’ll be hearing a whole lot more from Nogs in the years to come.

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