The career of Travis Scott so far has been nothing short of action, controversy, lucrative brand deals, and undeniably fantastic music.

His last album, Astroworld, reached unprecedented heights of success and popularity upon its release back in 2018. Five years on, and it’s finally time to hear a new full length project from the Houston-born superstar.

His newest endeavour, Utopia, drops this Friday, but it feels like it’s been around the corner for years. I’ve been a huge Travis Scott fan since I was around 14 years old – endlessly scrolling on YouTube for new leaks, interviews, and album theories in my bedroom at my Mum’s house back in New Zealand.

Being in high school for the rise of Travis Scott soundtracked mine and millions of other teenagers lives for several years and still to this day. Getting handed the AUX and surprising friends with Travis’ leaks like ‘The Curse’ or ‘RaRa’, and being able to watch each others reactions was our favourite pastime, especially having taken the time to dig deep and find them. 

Since then, we’ve all grown up with Travis, seeing him go from small crowds and underground producer credits to being scheduled to perform his album at the Pyramids of Giza, the oldest Wonder of the Ancient World. It’s wild. To celebrate the long-awaited arrival of his fourth solo studio album, here are 5 things we’re hoping for on Utopia.


Some of Travis’s best songs aren’t the upbeat and party/mosh pit ready music that might be his most popular. While he quite clearly shines in that lane, his biggest highs are seen on projects like Rodeo with songs like ‘Oh My Dis Side’ and ‘90210’. Let’s not forget that he’s a producer first, so Travis has the unique ability and understanding of how to create these overwhelmingly moving sonic atmospheres – like he did on songs like ‘Yosemite’ and ‘Stop Trying To Be God’. The only difference is that we want what Travis originally shone for, and what makes him great.


All the way back from 2013’s Owl Pharaoh, to even his collaborative Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho with Quavo, La Flame has always been known for iconic album art that perfectly encompasses the content of the music, and where he’s at within his career. The Rodeo action figure back in 2015 was a moment, as was the entire Astroworld cover which played a huge part into the live tour and the thematic experience of the 2018 album.


It’s almost an expectation of Travis to have the best album merchandise on the planet. The Astroworld merch had an abnormally tight chokehold on youth culture and is still frequently worn today. Of course, that’s not to mention his Nike brand deal, and the ever-growing portfolio of successful clothing collaborations throughout the years. He’s always been fashion forward, so it’s hard to seeing this stopping anytime soon.


One thing I’ve always wished that there was more of from Travis was songs like ‘Coffee Bean’ and the second half of ‘90210’, where he reflects on things happening in his life over flawless production. People ask me why I love that about Travis when he shines in other lanes, but the truth is, nobody can do what Travis is capable of. Nobody actually even comes close.


Throughout the years, the only part of a Travis Scott album that’s become predictable is the features. Names like Drake, Quavo, and Future are fairly frequent collaborators, not to mention all of the people spotted wearing the Eliantte & Co. and Takashi Murakami-crafted Melted Utopia Dream chain throughout the last couple of years. However, the forthcoming project feels like a temperature change for not only Travis, but potentially hip-hop. He’s been spotted with The Alchemist recently, and if Travis goes down that lane it could be a game changer.

One of the best parts about the Astroworld rollout was that when the album finally did drop, the features weren’t named and each one was a surprise. Think about how many amazing guests were enlisted, from Drake on ‘Sicko Mode’ to Frank Ocean on ‘Carousel’, it was star studded and completely unexpected. The first single for Utopia, ‘K-POP’, listed two of the biggest artists on the globe with The Weeknd and Bad Bunny, so it’s safe to say the feature list is going to be stacked but I hope they remain unlisted on the album.


Travis has shifted through different moments throughout his career, all with their own impacts on pop culture, and all with equally defining albums. Given the momentous and long-lasting impact of Astroworld, Utopia needs to be something special, yet something completely different. What better way than to usher in a new artistic era, sound, and direction for the future? 

Experimentation is an absolute must for ‘Utopia’, and it’s what has me, alongside the gazillions of other Travis Scott fans excited. For the past year or so, we’ve heard snippets alongside confirmed rumours of psychedelic rock inspirations and a heavy Mike Dean influence, not to mention Travis has repeatedly said that he wants to create a new sound for years in the lead up to this project. We saw a teaser on 2021’s ‘Mafia’, and on the leaked track ‘Lost Forever’ featuring James Blake and Westside Gunn, so hopefully there’s more where that came from. It’s been evident that Travis has levelled up with each project, and he’s now capable of delivering something truly mind blowing. With the whole world watching, he’s the type of artist who could cause a sonic shift within hip-hop, hopefully he takes that step. 

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