Fresh off the release of his “In My Sight” EP, recent WVS signee Evanda has dropped the visuals for his breakout anthem “I Wanna F*** Pauline Hanson”  and boy do we f****ing love them.

A jam that bought the Home Baked crew member plenty of attention after getting its’ first airplay on Season.02 of AUD’$ Radio, IWFPH comes complete with infamous vocal samples from “that redhead b****” and her stance on immigration – a topic OG GREE, of Asian heritage himself, obviously holds dear.

The animated video is provided to us by Ziggy’s Animations and includes an express protect-my-ass-from-getting-sued-type-beat disclaimer clarifying that this song is satire and not to be taken seriously. Either way, we hope it makes its way to Canberra and ruffles some feathers. 🖕😏

Catch Evanda and the Home Baked crew on June 30 at the Home Baked Tape Release Party in Perth.

Evanda – IWFPH (ft. Yung Tutu & Bozo)

"I Wanna Fuck Pauline Hanson" Official Music Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUg0GclODZkIn My Sight EP Out Now on WVS! https://wvs.lnk.to/evandaMade by Ziggy's AnimationsDISCLAIMER: The song, "I wanna fuck Pauline Hanson", as well as the video to the song are merely forms of artistic satire. They are not personal or professional attacks on either Hanson or the One Nation Party. They are not intended to defame the characters of Hanson or the One Nation Party.The chorus of the song (namely the words "I wanna fuck Pauline Hanson") are meant only in the metaphoric sense and do not reveal any intention to cause any form of harm to either Pauline Hanson or the One Nation Party. The song and it's video are merely satirical and should not be interpreted in the literal sense.

Posted by Evanda on Monday, 29 May 2017


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