Wake Up Xannie Poo


Melbourne savage Reiis comes through with a hard visual for ‘Wake Up Xannie Poo’ from his upcoming EP

Check out the ca$h below via Facebook & let us know what you think $$

Reiis – Wake up Xannie poo (Prod by. YUNG SKAH)

Reiis – Wake up Xannie Poo (Official Video)ALCOHOLIC FAMILY ????⚔*WARNING* This Video has the potential to induce SEIZURES for people who are Photosensitive Epileptic or feel they might be susceptible to a seizure, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO or look away. It's your Life, You have been warned.MASSIVE Shout out to @Donnmalate (instagram account) for the visuals. @apeboyempire to keep up with Reiis on Instagram.Soundcloud Link:https://soundcloud.com/apeboyempire/wake-up-xannie-pooYouTube Link:https://youtu.be/mK26Fa06Dos

Posted by Reiis on Wednesday, 26 October 2016

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