The guard of Australian Hip-Hop has changed drastically in a very short space of time. The faces are getting younger and more diverse, the sounds more experimental and globally appealing. Acts including The Kid LAROI, Day1 and Creed Tha Kid have ascended rapidly in recent times, and now there is a new name to join the conversation; B.R.B a.k.a Brown Rxch Boys.

With strong influence of Toronto Trap and R&B, B.R.B have shown serious promise, teasing their first official offering; a nine minute long EP titled ‘Wake Up!’. Hailing from South-East Melbourne, B.R.B consists of vocalist and producer brothers Txkeout and Gmolf, and Rayzor and Damage – managers and producers in their own right. The four creatives, all of Sri-Lankan heritage, met in high-school where they quickly discovered their mutual interest in music would keep them joined beyond their time in education.

“Wake Up! means exactly that. We’re here. We’ve arrived. You can’t ignore it. There’s a new sound sweeping the country. A new wave. And now B.R.B, we’re playing a big part in that!”

There has been little buzz around the young boys, but the maturity in their melodic song writing and talent in their trap production is bound to quickly change that. They’ve fast won endorsements from Spotify and major radio, as well international blog and artist co-signs including from UK hip-hop giants NSG and Geko.


The five songs remain under two minutes, apart from the EP’s lead single “Guard Down”, (which comes with a crisp Skylake Media produced video) making this EP all but an appetiser to what’s coming. The short cuts like “6th Floor” make it hard to forget the infectious hooks (seriously we can’t get enough!),  while “SICKOFYOU!” and “Guard Down” showcase the groups spacey vocals over slamming 808s fitting for international names like Swae Lee and Travis Scott. “Lost!” slows the record down, with the dreamy piano hits shining over lovesick lyrics and some of the EP’s best vocal work. “Friends (Outro)” closes the project out with their familiarly rich auto-tune while the smooth guitar instrumental builds into an orchestral close. It really is something that sounds well beyond a teenage debut.  

With only nine minutes of released music, B.R.B have already cemented themselves as an exciting and formidable collective with a clear aesthetic. Along with The Kid LAROI’s recently released ‘F*CK LOVE’, B.R.B prove that Australia’s next generation will play a pioneering part in opening the scene to the rest of the world. 

Review by Frank Tremain.


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