“SO SAD” | Ca$h Of The Day


Yung Dready Mane‘s “She Loves Me Not” EP, which was dropped on his birthday, was a bittersweet moment to say the least. Dready elaborates on the betrayal and heartbreak that incepted the project in depth on his Website, the full version is well worth the read, but in short – I was blind. I was led into a world of evil where there is no love, only greed and loneliness“. Track No.4 titled “So Sad” was a standout for us in the office. The harmonies, vocalisation and chill production thanks to Lowgrind = big headphones mood.

Fr tho, read the story behind “She Loves Me Not” in full here, while you listen to track No.4 “So Sad” via Soundcloud below 💰


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