Energetic, visceral and defiant, RARI is yet again showing us that he does whatever he wants in the studio. Coming off the back of his latest single “Self Medicated”, “Sugar” further demonstrates his soulful expression and unique voice that we wanted more of last time.

Wah-wah guitars, snappy drums, saxophone licks & dusty rhodes transport you to a 1970s Motown club in the heart of London. With an authoritative and direct approach, RARI still shows his control and finesse not only in his singing, but in his songwriting philosophy too.
While he maintains Hip-Hop elements that are saturated in ability, the verses are nowhere near harsh & yet clearly designed as a juxtaposition from the sweetness of the harmony.
A clear indication that RARI has unlimited songwriting potential and already a great grasp on what makes a hit.

With many industry eyes already on this stellar young artist, we can only see clear skies ahead for RARI. Catch him in Brisbane working alongside world-stage-ready producer HARVEY, consistently working to improve their chemistry and individual skill. “Sugar” is a record which demonstrates everything we love about RARI and his upward trajectory is exemplified in each offering. Get around it first, right here on AUD’$ 💰.



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