Bay Area-born rapper Ramirez has been a staple among the underground circuit since the formation of G*59 Records in 2015. Home to other hitmakers including $uicideboy$ and Night Lovell, the Mexican-Nicaraguan artist is responsible for some of the collective’s most dexterous and diverse works. 

In the span of nearly a decade, the San Francisco emcee has dropped over 20 projects including the two G.R.E.Y.GO.D.S EPs alongside label co-founder’s Ruby Da Cherry and Scrim, and his previously-released, arguably best album Tha Playa$ Manual (2020). In the last two years, he stepped back from music to focus on his rehab and recovery for mental health and drug addiction. 

On the 11-track project The Tragedy of a Clown, Ramirez navigates through personal struggles and rediscovers his passion and love for his art. The title is a symbolic reference to his own journey as a 24-year-old man reaching a global platform, relentlessly expected to entertain. 

“All the people see is the entertainer, they don’t see the tears that a clown cries at the end of the day.”

Ramirez on AUD’$.

TTOAC covers a wider range of sonics than any of Ramirez’s previous projects. For instance, the ‘Intro’ reminds listeners of the G-funk sound he dedicated himself to on TPM, before he quickly transitions to one of the many high-octane trap bangers ‘Return of the Corpse’. While there’s moments of boom bap on ‘The Dungeon’ and more melodies on ‘The Root of Demise’, the familiar influence of Memphis gangsta rap and its aggressive braggadocio still reigns supreme throughout. 

In its 27 minute runtime, Ramirez surrounds himself with those closest to him like frequent collaborators Pouya and Mikey The Magician on the previously released singles ‘Bacon, Eggs, and Grits’ and ‘Shameless Gorillas’ respectively. Germ features on TTOAC’s last single ‘Carhatt Vest’ and other G*59 label mate Shakewell makes two appearances including ‘What the Hook Gon’ Be’ with Fat Nick

“I work with my friends at the end of the day so being in that environment helps me a lot, I’m more comfortable as an artist to experiment and express myself.”

Ramirez on AUD’$.

To celebrate his return and refocus on music, Ramirez recently finished his headline tour across Australia and New Zealand, and will be performing across the States later this month. As his second time performing down under, he championed the Brisbane and Auckland shows as standout moments.

Ramirez delivers his expected high energy and skilful raps over evolved and expansive production, openly manoeuvring through the adversities he’s faced and overcame. The Tragedy of a Clown is a welcoming entry point for any new listeners while satisfying longtime fans of what G*59 have achieved over the years. More importantly, Ramirez has reconnected with his craft and returns better than ever.

“Whatever happens in life, you can always fall back on what you love and love what you love doing.”

Ramirez on AUD’$.

Check out the interview between Matthew Craig and Ramirez below as he talks about his time away from music, his recent tour in Australia off the back of his new project and more on AUD’$.

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