If you’re a fan of chilled boom-bap vibes, buttery flows, and insightful lyricism, look no further than ThatKidMaz. 

After scoring his first break in 2019 with the ever-catchy No Vibe, and showcasing his technical prowess earlier this year on crew cut Doc Marty alongside Jordan Dennis and Denzel, the Melbourne rapper of Eritrean origins returns today with his new single ‘iKnow’ produced by 2020 powerhouse JUJO. 

Not one known for the brash, in-your-face sonics that dominate the AU airwaves of late, Maz’s lane is introspection –  inviting listeners into his word, asking questions, and finding answers together. He says of the message behind the new release; “The intention (is) of addressing micro-aggression in a subtle way, because a lot of the time it is just that – subtle, or passive, in daily life. I’m observing and noticing these things around me.”

‘iKNOW’ is an easy listen, at just over two minutes Maz slides into a comfortable pocket on the syncopated JUJO groove, giving listeners a taste of what to expect on his forthcoming EP.

“This is a strange time to be promoting my music. In saying that, I am blessed to be able to express these emotions through my art…

Check out ‘iKNOW!’ exclusively below before a visual arrives on September 24 and be following ThatKidMaz, JUJO and @audollars on the gram ????

Feature Image by @frankiefresco

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