Independent Sydney-based rapper Ratu shares visuals to ‘Gunsmoke Drawl’, the grimy single from his new mixtape Freudian Slips.

As the first song written from his recently released 11-track mixtape, ‘Gunsmoke Drawl’ displays Ratu’s masterful underground sound inspired by artists like the late MF Doom and Joey Bada$$. Produced by @nomstks, the bluesy hip-hop instrumental finds Ratu spit in his raw yet elegant delivery with a self-described “drawn-out drawl” flow.

Shot in Hornsby by Sydney-based visual artist @_trizm__, the music video tops off the nostalgic aesthetic of the track with blotches of colour infused into the intentionally gloomy and grainy
visuals. Titled after errors in speech, memory and physical mistakes linked to the unconscious mind, Freudian Slips is a hidden gem of pensive raps and choppy samples with other stand out songs including ‘Bleeding Gums Ra’ and ‘Rembrandt’.

Check out Ratu’s new music video ‘Gunsmoke Drawl’, now premiering on AUD’$ below.

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