One of the most popular young emcees in the game since breaking out via 2018’s Lil Tay collab ‘Pop Out’, Chicago’s Polo G has crafted a niche lane for himself comprising elements of Chi Drill with more melodic, autotuned type raps.

2021 has already been massive for the 22-year-old, an audio snippet uploaded to Instagram went globally viral and lead to the release of mammoth single ‘RAPSTAR’ which in less than two months, has been certified platinum in the States and Gold here in Australia.

Looking for a hattrick of successful albums, on ‘Hall of Fame’, Polo G has enlisted a STACKED line-up of features including The Kid LAROI, Lil Durk, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Roddy Ricch, and Nicki Minaj. While heavily feature-focused, ‘Hall Of Fame’ seeks to showcase Polo G‘s growth, evolution, and artistic diversity. Set for a chart-topping debut, we’ve wrapped up some of the key moments below from the album’s 20 tracks for you to check out.

No Return ft The Kid Laroi & Lil Durk
Chemistry wise this is a stand-out. Polo, Laroi, and Durk is one of the best match-ups on the entire project, with each of their melodic trap styles complimenting each other effortlessly. Laroi’s vocal capabilities shine on this record, which would have benefited from utilising him on more than just the hook. Another future collab perhaps?

Polo is RAPPING on this one. “A little white boy from the ‘burbs tell me I aint going hard enough, like he even really had it hard enough.” From the strumming electric guitar to room filling 808s, Polo G is in his bag here.

Broken Guitars ft Scorey
Polo wanted to show his diversity as an artist on this project and this record is the personification of that with elements of rock in the distorted guitars and his sung vocals. Glad to see this collaboration with Scorey come to fruition, it works exactly as intended.

Heart of a Giant ft Rod Wave
Rod Wave is a hot commodity feature right now, and rightfully so. HOAG perfectly captures the sonic appeal of Polo G, he wears his heart on his sleeve as he paints pictures of love, fame, and his childhood in the trap. There’s a strong sense of vulnerability lyrically here, but his tale of resilience translates to motivation for the listener.

Party Life ft. DaBaby
This one will be huge online. DaBaby and Polo G make you want to party through the pain and celebrate how far you made it. Two artists with immense pop star potential, but they are rap stars first and foremost.  

Losses ft. Young Thug
Thug doesn’t miss on features. Full stop. The most unique vocal cadence in the game forces Polo G to step up and match his melodies. Melancholy. But a whole vibe.

For the Love of New York ft. Nicki Minaj
Bit out of left field sonically with a tropical, pop-rap vibe catering to the Nicki Minaj feature and pushing Polo G out of his lane. While it will bode well in bringing him to a new audience, a collaboration like this would benefit more from meeting in the middle.

Despite its long tracklisting, Polo G does well to move the album’s narrative forward and showcase his evolving versatility. While there are critiques to be made on his production variety, Polo G recognizes what it takes to enter the ‘Hall of Fame’ and in his short time in the game, has continually made steps and improvements towards this. You can stream the album in full below.

Article by Frank Tremain & Matthew Craig.

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