The public was first made aware of ‘Pinnacle’ on May 2nd at 7pm, when a 20 second tease of NETTI‘s new music video & single was uploaded to her Facebook page that ended with the date 22/05/17. Fast forward just less than a week to the 8th and the audio is premiered on AUD’$, hype is catapulted into the stratosphere as we begin the agonizing wait for May 22nd.

We had a chat to Burn City’s Netti this morning to find out a little more about her single & visuals

AUD’$: Hey! Congrats on Pinnacle, it’s littttty. How did it come to life & who’s behind the visuals?
NETTIHey ❤ thankyou so much 🙂So @timothytreasure shot the clip, we both directed, and I edited the music video.

AUD’$: And the beat?
NETTIThe beat was produced by YUNG RYMAS, a producer I found on youtube. I recorded the song at Juñor‘s studio as he mixed and mastered it. I remember first hearing the beat the word that kept coming to mind was “pinnacle”.

AUD’$: Tell me about the anime I’m seeing.
NETTI: The anime that you see on the music video is Hellsing Ultimate, as I was watching there was this particular battle, Luke Valentine vs Alucard, I thought the visuals were really captivating and they inspired me to watch & use some more scenes. I chopped them up to create a theme of duality, bouncing between both scenes I thought they would be an interesting combination to play around with, and I was really satisfied with the outcome.

AUD’$: What inspires you to do what you do?
NETTI: Everyday I know what I’m doing is going to impact the world/scene & bring motivation to those who think they can’t do something. This track inspired me to motivate and express how I feel about making this a reality for my life. Fuck living a normal life, I want to wake up everyday and do this till the day I die.

You can rate and review NETTI’s track ‘Pinnacle’ right here VIA Triple J
Check out the official music video below 💰

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