Part 2 @ Laundry Bar


Having sold out the first one, installment #2 of AVANT GARBAGE X UNDERGROUND SOCIETY is back at Laundry Bar August 10th. This event plays host to the crème de la crèm of the underground fashion community, as stated perfectly in the event description “AVANT GARBAGE exists to embrace, showcase and celebrate underground art, fashion & streetwear culture in Australia through providing a real life platform for those that live this shit, to come together & party as a family.”

AVANT GARBAGE is the networking opportunity us yung creatives didn’t know we needed, weather you be into fashion, design, styling, art, music or photography, you’ve been summoned. Open mic, best dressed prizes and official giveaways, there is very little to lose and a lot to gain by checking this out.

If you’re still tossing up then peep the recap by rudderman and Adam Helal & get to know the artists 🔥

This is some certified expensive shi.


Coming down from Sydney you may recognize the mans from his appearances saucing on everybody in HighSnobiety. Phillabu$$trr is a rare bird of the rap world, he doesn’t quite do it like the others & that’s extremely okay.


Alcoholic Family are an illusive Melbourne rap collective dating back to 2014 that is made up of ReiisCensei CEEZ and dozens more predominately from the east side. The collective has accumulated lots of members and a solid following over the years of working together and creating. The Alcoholic Family is a difficult thing to define, but and a vibe you have to see. Once you know the family is turning up, it’s a sure thing.


The o’ so flossy slashy extraordinaire: Touring DJ / Designer / Brand Owner / Creative Director. An actual powerhouse, RnB & Rap aficionado and creator of luxury goods, if the AVANT GARBAGE event were to be personified into one guy, that’s .JVP


J. Love can’t run out of bars. Representing the Trap Six movement with transcendent style, he writes rhymes for old souls, aiming elevate consciousness and connect on new levels. These rhymes paired with fey trap beats make the J. Love experience a roller-coaster for your mind.

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