Pardyalone (born Kalvin Beal) often spent his adolescence skateboarding, journaling, and doing anything else to take his mind away from life in his hometown of Big Lake, Minnesota. 

When he lost his job and relationship during the COVID-19 lockdowns, his time quickly became consumed with watching endless YouTube tutorials and experimenting on FL Studios. Using the government pandemic payments, he was eventually able to purchase a home studio setup and share his debut release in 2020. From writing to performing, the entire process became a selfish and necessary routine of self-care for the 22-year-old artist. 

When Pardy moved to Los Angeles early last year, he was surrounded by negative influences that were impacting his mental health – and his music projected this. While it’s an easy whirlwind of a lifestyle for a quiet small town kid to get caught up in, Pardy knew it wasn’t right for him.

“It wasn’t grounding, it wasn’t reassuring for me, it wasn’t that journal feeling.”

Pardyalone on AUD’$ (2022).

Teased for months as a snippet on TikTok, his cathartic viral hit ‘Not A Home’ captured this relatable and pensive feeling. The melancholic ballad finds the 22-year-old reflecting on his heartbreak in vulnerable fashion. 

Perhaps an obvious comparison but certainly one to note – Pardy demonstrates his raw vocal talent, and relatable and emotive lyricism similar to artists like Post Malone, Juice WRLD and XXXTentacion. Pardy’s music reaches out past hip-hop, indie, and punk rock sonics, creating a deeply intimate relationship with his fans.

Over the last few years, he’s built a loyal community of people who have found deep comfort in being able to relate to his music. Accompanied with a music video directed by Nicholas Jandora, the track is a defining moment in Pardy’s blossoming career. 

“It just made me a whole different person perspective-wise. It really opened my eyes to who I was and what I can do.”

Pardyalone on AUD’$ (2022).

Arriving in September 2022, the breakout single was initially included on the four-piece EP A Place For Us, alongside ‘Sincerely, F*** You’ (2021) and the indie-rap self-titled track. ‘Not A Home’ may also be included on the next project set for release before the end of March. 

Pardy describes his upcoming EP I Left You In Minnesota (ILYIM) as “the greatest body of work I’ve ever made in my life.” The project is based on his experiences leaving his home state and navigating his new career and life in California. Marking his first release in 2023, the lead single from ILYIM titled ‘Read Your Mind’ will drop on January 25.

Although he’s only played a handful of shows, he’s in the process of developing his live performance and believes “the new songs on the project fit perfectly into a live setting.” Eager to tour Australia and flex his newfound skills as soon as possible, Pardy shared some of his other aspirations for the future. 

One that hits particularly close to home for the Minnesotan can be found at First Avenue in Minneapolis. The music venue sports their own version of the  Hollywood stars on the side of their building with names including Outkast, De La Soul, Ice Cube, and many more. 

“To me, that just means so much more. I definitely want my name on one of those stars. I’m going to – I just don’t know how to do it yet.”

Pardyalone on AUD’$ (2022).

Check out the final interview of 2022 between Matthew Craig and Pardyalone below, as he talks about trying to help himself, working on his upcoming project and moving to LA. 

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