is back, and this time it’s with Tides and G Elenil 😲.
The three are going to be heading down to Foundry in BNE for the show kicking off at 8pm.
As the poster (by Brayden Doig) states, the showcase and live performance are in order to raise funds for the production of ‘Gallvs – Black Blood’, a 3 part music video to accompany his debut release EP on Bedlam Records.

“KUROICHI (Black Blood) is a DIY project we’re doing so we’re not seeing any money from it, we just pulled together a bunch of creative minds and said “let’s put together a badass, muthafucking, BULLSHIT good film to show that you don’t need to have a high budget!” – GALLVS

If you’re in BNE this thursday and feel like being a part of something huge, you know where to go 💰.
Event info: here.

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