“NOTORIOUS” [Music Video] | Ca$h Of The Day


Experience salvation in the siege upon the false god.

Your cash today, “Notorious,” is a music video and the second release from mysterious Sydney based outfit, Dexuronin. Dexuronin comprises of two members, Ra and Monix, and literally means ‘two lordless samurais’. The inspiration for the two joining together stemmed from a mutual belief in not following the establishment or ‘serving a lord’ in any kind of modern way. Premiered via Life Without Andy on April 4, directed by Voltak, the music video is a truly otherworldly experience. The pair stated to LWA that they have a philosophy, and that is to “create an experience like something out of an anime movie,” safe to say that vibe has been channeled expertly.


Check out “Notorious” via Youtube below 💰


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