Welcome to the new ca$h year! 💰

Before the return of AUD’$ live show tonight in the new AUD’$ TV format, we have for you the sonically brilliant new 3-track EP ‘Not Your Enemy’ from the youngest members of WVS Next Gen 2018 Class – Vic August. 💸

He had this to say about the project:
“The ’Not Your Enemy’ EP is quite a leap from what I’ve done previously; it’s a lot more somber and smooth but has some rough edges, in particular this sort of distorted sound on the vocals that I think captures a lot of the raw emotions and thoughts I’d been trying to put into the project perfectly.

The title track ‘Not Your Enemy’ was actually recorded on the night Glass House 2 dropped, like when I cut the last take I checked my group chat and saw my friends playing GH2 and that’s how I knew it was out. I think that says a lot about my addiction to recording, I’m sitting on a whole lot of music I’ll probably drop this month before everything goes crazy next month.

I wanted to keep this project concise and to the point, whilst retaining a level of replay-ability, and judging from the reactions I’ve gotten to it behind the scenes I think I’ve done a pretty good job of it.

Keep in mind we’re in July right now which is technically Pre-August, and I have something very special lined up for next month that I can’t wait to share with everyone.”

We’re keen Vic!

Check out the new EP ‘Not Your Enemy’ from Vic August, exclusively through AUD’$ today on Soundcloud below 💰

Tune into AUD’$ TV live streamed on Facebook + Youtube 8:30pm AEST tonight – Wednesday July 4th 🔌


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