Back in January, Sydney neo-soul sensation Mel Bailey dropped her first EP via LWA, aptly titled “No Doubt, Just Questions”. The title alone tells a story of a strong, dominant woman, and what follows in the EP is just that.

No Doubt, Just Questions” begins with a catchy number in ‘I’ll See You Soon’, then slows it down with a sultry ode to an ex with ‘Answers’. ‘Divine Mind’ is the kind of track you put on right before you’re about to see your man to get you in the mood, and ‘Ready Now’ is a great example of Mel Bailey’s vocal range. “No Doubts, Just Questions” ends with ‘My Oh My’, one of the strongest tracks of the EP, showcasing her raw feelings and talent. With incredible kaytranada-esque production by Kwame, Mel Bailey embodies Kali Uchis and Jorja Smith with her R&B vibes, with a slight Amy Winehouse jazz tone to her voice. With her first EP under her belt, we can’t wait to see what Mel Bailey brings to 2018!

I chose to release these songs as an EP because it was the best way to convey the beginning of my music journey. You are your worst enemy and at times self-doubt can really get in the way of who you want to be. Finally, I feel proud to be who I am and will always keep challenging myself to keep learning. A massive thank you to Kwame, who constantly pushes me everyday to be my best and for producing the whole EP. And special thank you to Matt Fioravanti & Nikos Haropoulos Smallman for your hard work and endless support into this and me. You guys inspire me every day man 💗

Check out “No Doubt, Just Questions” via Spotify below 💰


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