Lyttleton, New Zealand is a town that 99% of the world have never heard of, and probably a good portion of the rest of Aotearoa haven’t either. It’s known locally for its arts, and Ferby, a direct product of that community, is putting it on the map.

Ferby joined the every-growing talent pool that’s emerging throughout New Zealand with her first single of the year, ‘Bad Vibes Stuck In My Teeth’. Equipped with an experimental pop-punk influence and DIY approach, she’s out of the box and doesn’t hold back. Like, at all. She knows how to grab your attention through raunchy lyrics, hypnotising flow and confronting sonics – amounting into a liberating message of freedom, inner self peace, and expression.

Recently releasing her fourth track in 2022, the 22-year-old has added nothing but quality to the steadily expanding music scene across the ditch. We caught up with Ferby to discuss her breakout year, what the future holds and more.

Firstly congratulations on your new release, your fourth this year! How’s it been finally getting your music out in the world?
Ferby: Thank you! It’s been really good. It was such a long time of me storing my songs in an endless pit of a folder and now everything feels like it’s going so fast.

I know you’re inspired and influenced by artists like XXXTENTACION, Miley Cyrus, Foushee, and Baby Keem. Definitely a diverse mix in terms of sonics but you can hear elements of each scattered throughout your music. What made you gravitate towards these types of out of the box, experimental artists?
I find it really hard to stick to one kind of genre or sound. Honestly the way my songs turn out depends on what mood I’m in, or what the most recent song I have been obsessed with is. There have been some disastrous times though where I will try something new out and realise I should never do that again.

Sometimes it’s hard as a young creative to have the motivation or vision to do something creative coming from a small place, especially in NZ. What pushed you to pursue music as a career path and how was the reception from your inner and outer circles?
I worked in hospitality a lot which was not for me, plus I was so depressed. My next technique was to quit my job, go on the benefit, focus on music and just accept that I might not make any money but I knew I was happier than before. Some family members were a bit concerned about my choices but as soon as I got my record deal those chumps were super pleased. I am incredibly lucky and feel really appreciative that it seems to be working out for me.

For me, seeing another Kiwi doing something creative on a global scale was really inspiring especially if it’s someone you know. Were there any other locals that spurred you forward within music?
I have been surrounded by really cool creative people my entire life which really helped me transition from being too scared to sing in-front of anyone to now rapping about my butt on stage. 

You recently opened for JPEGMAFIA at his Auckland show back in July. What was that experience like?
It was super cool and scary. I am a big fan of JPEGMAFIA so it felt too good to be true. He is one of the most incredible performers I’ve ever seen. Though the actual experience was a little eye opening, and a little less ‘dream-like’.

What does the future look like for Ferby over the next 5 years or so? What are your hopes and dreams career wise?
More music, touring and hopefully I can release a video game before then. I’ve been learning to program and it’s super difficult but really satisfying. My ultimate dream is for one of my songs to be in Grand Theft Auto.

Who would your dream collaboration be? 
Lil Yachty. I’d also really love C418 to make me a beat. 

If you had a message for other aspiring local creatives potentially struggling with chasing that dream or blocking out career stereotypes and doing what they want; what would you say?
I think for me, getting over that fear of embarrassing myself was really helpful. People don’t tend to care as much as I thought.

You’ve had a busy year in terms of dropping music – is there a debut project on the horizon?
I definitely plan on one sometime in the future. 

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