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(Redeemer Visuals)

Lisi lands heavily on his first single of the year, ‘Fear No Man’. Over a glittery boom-bap beat from Willstah, the Goodna artist skates with clever wordplay and effortless flow switches as he speaks to the strength and confidence of his community. Dedicated to the late rapper and “my uso olmate Vikz”, the Redeemer Visuals music video shows Lisi in various spaces, alone and with his crew. Steadily dropping some of the hardest hip-hop out of Australia for years now, it’s no surprise that ‘Fear No Man’ by the Castille Records founder is of the highest quality. That beat switch is nasty too.

(Matt Wilson)

Shanae spreads smooth R&B vibes on the SuperSmashBroz produced track, ‘favourite song’. Since debuting under her new alias last year, Shanae has been building up to her recently released EP reset. Co-produced by Max & Kyle, SuperSmashBroz and RJ Keys, ‘favourite song’ is an alluring R&B dance record that’ll have you “stay all night long.” Directed by Matt Wilson, the visuals show the Sydney songbird getting ready with her friends as they pose for photos and dance around the room. Formerly known as MADAM3MPRESS, Shanae sounds as polished as the camera quality in this simple and enjoyable music video. 


Sydney’s production prince SOLLYY and certified lyricist Dxvndre share visuals to ‘OPP BOY DOWN’. The track is taken from their OPPBOYZ mixtape last year, one of the most underrated projects of 2023 from two quiet powerhouses in the scene. ‘OPP BOY DOWN’ is one of their heavier trap and boom-bap offerings, and an editorial favourite from the tape along with the title track and ‘NO CINEMA’. The B&W music video shows the duo sending it on stage, all eloquently and aesthetically packaged by Tonyteni, known for his work with Hotter Out West. “Spliff Lorusso and Samoan Stevey up in the cut boy.”

(Jaen Collective)

Kobie Dee defines what it means to be ‘Warriors & Storytellers’ on his latest track. The Eora/Sydney artist shows what it means to be a warrior and storyteller in the name of the community you serve. Rapping with relentless energy and power, Kobie explains the trials and tribulations he and his community have had to persevere through to make it to where they are today. Directed by the Jaen Collective, the video shows Kobie Dee rapping in various spots cut with a young man – a representation of a young Kobie – training in boxing before they become one in a mob of fans. All of this over a thumping beat from JayteeHazard with horns that take the track to a different level when the hook kicks in. 

(Raghav Rampal)

Australian Korean rap group 1300 impress yet again with the hectic music video for ‘Levitate’. The new track is stripped from their sophomore mixtape GEORGE, which is about to be toured around the country with impressive support slots from FRIDAY* and Dylan Atlantis. An immaculate, crisp and cinematic display of visual and sonic finesse, directed by Raghav Rampal and produced by Videohead, in which the collective performs onstage as a band. Cutting between monochrome and washed-out blue film, enhanced by frequent strobe lights, flitting between the stage chaos and a computer screen monitoring it, the video for ‘Levitate’ looks as crazy as it is, knowing 1300 that says a lot about the work the visual team put into this one.

(James K Lowe & Nicole Miller-Wong)

NZ veteran David Dallas drops visuals for album cut ‘Lose No Sleep’. South-Aukland MC David Dallas has been dropping top-shelf hip-hop from across the ditch for over a decade. From his most recent album Vita, producer 41 provides a suitably dark and moody backdrop for Dallas to spit. Directed by James Lowe and Nicole Miller-Wong, the music video has Dallas rapping in a room with his face frequently obscured by darkness or moving through the late-night cityscape. ‘Lose No Sleep’ is a lowkey banger and a top example of a vet pushing himself and his craft.

Written by Declan Bailey & Aidan Knight.

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