Happy Friday Ca$hies! Today’s Ca$h comes all the way from WA, gifted to you by one of the youngest in the scene, Vic August. At just 16 years old Vic August has swept in and knocked some of the veterans off their feet, coming in hot in 2017 with dope tracks like Buss It Down and Accolade. In 2018 he’s back with “Too Much ft Figuero Jones on the hook.

Too Much is your standard tale of young love, heartbreak and confusion. It features boss production from producer Josh Petruccio, and the production combined with Vic August’s melodic trap flow creates a sound much too mature for his age. Seriously though, listening to the track it’s hard to believe the kid is only 16! Donning those Travis Scott vibes that seems to be the wave at the moment, Vic August has added his own flavour to the sound. He’s in control of his vocals and knows what he’s doing, which is something most mature artists still struggle with.

Vic August is due to release his debut EP “Glass House 2” on May 4, so keep your eyes and ears open for this star on the rise.

Check out Too Much via Soundcloud below 💰

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