Mitchos Da Menace’s aggressive lyricism returns on his fourth project, Pray For Them, alongside a refined message and mix of new

sounds. We sat down with the West Sydney MC to talk about how his new project came to be and what he has planned for the rest of

Pray For Them is Mitchos Da Menace’s shortest project to date but the eight tracks of the LP showcase a more focused and refined artist.

“The last year I’ve been going through some shit and I haven’t been 100% focused. I only gave 50% last year so now I’m 100% in this,” he said, “These eight just sit perfect. I’ve got a fella singing on one and a chick singing on another, I got a drill track and your deep Hip-hop stuff and then Grime, so it’s pretty coloured. I’ve pretty much covered all areas on it.”

The LP’s title Pray For Them, reflects the warning shots of “DXCKHEADS” and “North Face Killer”, and the sincereness of tracks like “Thoughts.” It’s a title that fits the narrative flawlessly, and it all came from a fan.

“I’ve always had my hands together when getting photos and someone drew a picture of me with my hands together and it said ‘Pray For My Haters’. I was searching for an album name at the time and I was going to call it R.E.A.L but nah man, pray for them, pray for them all.”

The opening track, “Doubt Me”, comes as a friendly reminder of Menace’s talented wordplay and is our first hint that this project has levelled him up, returning with a more ominous and slower delivery. This more patient delivery doesn’t last long though, as Menace comes through with even harder-hitting energy on “North Face Killer”. Though he’s only played it live twice, due to the COVID restrictions interfering with gigs, he’s excited for his next chance to perform. With the crazy 808’s and beat by Kela (more on him later), “DXCKHEADS” is a stand out track and the opening chorus line is a memorable moment on the LP.


Shifting tones to show a softer side of himself and venture out sonically, the acoustic “Losing Interest” featuring the raw vocals of Jacqueline Maree and “No Good For You” featuring LDS include themes of love and heartbreak that Mitchos felt needed to go on the project.

“It’s easy to write about it than talk to a partner about it,” Mitchos said. Though it’s not something we’re used to from the Sydney rapper, he’s confident that these different sounds will “capture a whole other fanbase” and “shock a lot of people.”

On “No Good For You”, we’re introduced to 17-year-old artist LDS, who Mitchos first came familiar with through his producer ESPA. There’s not a lot of content out from LDS other than his “From Me to You” music video on ONELOVE CREATIONS, but Mitchos tells us “he’s going to be a force in this game.”


Menace returns to a sound he’s more accustomed to on “Deep Ends” and “Still No Trust” where he recruits long-time collaborator Kerser and Joanna Turner. Although a track with two of Sydney’s favourites is always welcomed from fans, we asked Mitchos if he had any other artists he was hoping to collaborate with soon. He emphasised that overseas features were big on his radar lately, and there was one U.S. name he was careful not to mention. What he was able to tell us was that a track with UK’s Mic Righteous shouldn’t be too far away. Keep your eyes posted for that one!

Mitchos Da Menace ends the project with the unfiltered and moving “Thoughts”, where he discusses his growth from childhood to manhood and the clouded feelings that follow. Menace crowned “Thoughts” as a personal favourite of his, “a bit of therapy” and based on the 500 messages he received four days after the release, it’s safe to say a lot of people agree.

“I levelled up. I’ve always been real on my tracks but this one I was being as honest as I could,” Mitchos said, “It was going to go for 5 minutes but that’s too long. I’m thinking on my next project there’ll be a Thoughts 2. I’ve got a lot to speak on that and you can’t fit a life in a 3-minute track.”

Thoughts 2 is just one of the exciting ideas that Mitchos Da Menace has planned, alongside a hopeful tour when restrictions are lifted and a collaborative EP that has “already got a couple of tracks loaded up” with Kela, “a Drill producer from Serbia.”

Mitchos Da Menace describes Pray For Them as a project that will define him as an artist. It’s something that Menace’s fans will love and appreciate like his previous three projects, but it holds a strong chance drawing new attention as Mitchos pushes his boundaries as an artist and a man, testing new sounds and bringing a more vulnerable character into focus.

Interview and review by Frank Tremain. Follow him on IG @ftremain.jrnl and keep in touch with us via @audollars. 


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