Erik Sanders has teamed up with producer James Angus and visual masterminds at Jáen Collective to bless the world with a charismatic new single & music video titled ‘Mission’. The single was released on June 2nd by Erik‘s label WVS, then close behind on the 4th was the music video & it basically became an all you can eat buffet for the senses, slathered in that distinctive Sanders original sauce.

Since it’s release less than a month ago the single has racked up almost 30k in Spotify streams and was added to 3 playlists: Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds: Fire Emoji & The Edge Of Underground Hip Hop.

“…When I made this song I was going through the process of distancing myself from the disingenuous people in my life. I was starting to understand who my real friends were, and who were really willing to ride this journey out with me. “The concept and aesthetic of the cover and the visuals that this is based off the movie Natural Born Killers. This song is a little more serious and moodier than anything that I’ve released before, but we found a good balance between a moody yet majestic vibe.”

Check out the music video VIA Youtube below & let us know what you think 💰

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