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📸 by Dion (@thechop_)


Today’s Ca$h, Melbourne producer project “Minutes,” is a 19 track long vacation brought to you by powerhouse Lab Co. member, SADIVA. Having recently earnt a quarter of a million Spotify fans in just ONE month, as well as completing a tour of Japan and a slew of wild album launches around Aus, now seems the perfect time to celebrate our DIVA of the 3k. On top of being a killer creator, Sadiva also wears the hat of curator for the widely loved ‘Women of the World’ mixtape. ‘Women of the World’ showcases a diverse array of female producers from around the globe, and making it even better, the work was released during Women’s History Month with all proceeds going to women’s charities. The good work of this 25y/o queen doesn’t stop there, you can also catch the her teaming up to create and execute beat-making workshops for kids alongside fellow Melbourne artist Defron. Sadiva is for the children.


See her live July 24 @ The Workshop, Melbourne alongside Emy Zaluzna, Tar-Nay, BryZone (YBP) and ABLE8 in Sadiva presents: ANGVS – Dregs. ANGVS is coming all the way from Adelaide to showcase his works in Melbourne, the art will be up for a month and available for purchase.


Check out “Minutes” via Spotify below 💰

Artwork – @zomkashwak
Masters – @floatingwavesaudio

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