Today AUD’$ wants to introduce you properly to someone special that popped up in our Ca$h Drop. The name is Tee Noah (Tarik Noah Menzies) and dare I say, I got some major Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco & 6lack vibes.
Since grabbing our attention with debut single ‘Indigo‘ a few months back (which was promptly added to the ‘AUD’$ ESSENTIAL CA$H Spotify playlist), we are now feelin’ blessed to exclusively bring you the rest of the project, Tee Noah‘s debut EP ‘Out Of My Mind’.

The 25y/o hails from the ancient city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, but you can find him keeping it lowkey in BNE. Tee Noah gives us a huge array of sounds, with each track from the EP being different to the last. From his enthralling storytelling skills to the addictive flows, vocalisations and hooks, Tee Noah is definitely a rhythmically blessed all-rounder. Whilst listening to this project, you not only get the sense that Tee Noah knows exactly how he’s making you feel, but you also get the sense that you are not alone in this feeling. Through the vulnerable and open nuances of his EP, he has connected with the listener in a way many artists try (and fail, we can smell the insincerity) to do.

“I am embarking on a spiritual quest, but so are you so we have that in common. I have wanted to do this since I was tiny Tee. I didn’t because of voices in my head. Daily, as it does for all of us, the war continues. As we continue to walk this path there will be dragons, monsters, blood, tears, sex and laughter. I do not know where the road leads, only that I am on a path and must keep walking. This EP talks about a range of issues but most significantly it marks my willingness to be vulnerable and to peal back the layers as to who I am. This is not full power but feed me love and watch what I can do with it. I need you..and I want you to need me.” – TEE NOAH on ‘Out Of My Mind (EP)’

Check out the EP via Soundcloud below, exclusively through AUD’$ ahead of it’s official release tomorrow 💰.

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