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BLESSED‘s ‘Love Letters‘ EP is a world to be immersed in.

On the self produced debut EP ‘Love Letters’, Sydney based BLESSED breaks loose. Showcasing versatility in production choices by flirting with rock, hip hop, reggae, and ultimately reaching synth pop-esque ballad heights. Track no.1 Love Letters starts us off heavy with emotive layering of piano and pitched vocals, ushered by a steady 4/4 beat. One and Only comes swooning in with lush and bright guitars, reminiscent of Mac Demarco and Bloc Party. It’s big-room and catchy, with all the makings of a nostalgic summer hit. Insanity is a track that’ll sneak up on you, lyrically it’s raw and honest as BLESSED half speaks, half sings his mind “you’re my addiction you’re my addiction”. The track then breaks into a grandiose future bass chorus with razor sharp 808’s, a perfect balance of minimal vs maximal production. Like You takes you to Kingston, Jamaica with a reggae tone that is fused with a distorted electric guitar and funky bass line. BLESSED takes you on an acoustic trip down memory lane on Fairytales, melding pop with rock. As a singer-songwriter, BLESSED proves over and again that he knows how to make tracks which are highly resonant and refreshingly innovative.

BLESSED’s utilization and manipulation of the voice is what makes ‘Love Letters‘ EP stand out among a market saturated with the same 808s and hi-hats. His genre bending production choices use influences such as rock, reggae, pop, hip hop and contemporary electronic music to meet in one place, that is what makes him a truly exciting artist – one that is dynamic and ever-evolving track by track. Everything you hear has conviction and purpose. You can tell BLESSED has a clear vision of his trajectory based on how cohesive his sound and tone is, and you can hear that he is artistically free, that’s beautiful.

Check out ‘Love Letters‘ via Spotify below & let us know what you think 💰


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