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Rejjie Snow. Oxford Art Factory – June 5
📷: @zaramutti for @audollars
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Rejjie Snow is one of the hottest names in music right now. Recently touring Australia & New Zealand through early June, we got along to the Melbourne and Sydney legs to capture the epic nights in photos for you 💰

The 24 year old Irish rapper started making waves in 2013 with his first EP, ‘Rejovich. The success of ‘Rejovich’ saw Rejjie snatching support slots for the likes of Madonna and Kendrick Lamar, and signing to 300 Entertainment (home to Young Thug, Migos and Fetty Wap) in 2016. His previous mixtape, ‘The Moon & You’, features Joey Bada$$ and Jesse Boykins III, and was released in 2017 in anticipation of his debut album, ‘Dear Annie’.


It would be wrong to categorize Rejjie Snow as just a Rapper or Hip Hop Artist, when his music has such a broad range of sounds. His music has been described as a blend of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Electro, and more; he’s a chameleon in his own right. Which is why it’s not really surprising that his debut album ‘Dear Annie’ is a 20 track offering, which is becoming the norm as more and more artists are pushing boundaries when it comes to genres, plus the additional effect of modern day streaming.

‘Dear Annie’ features guest appearances from Amine, Anna of the North, Jesse Boykins III, Kaytranada, Ebenezer, Micah Freeman, Krondon, Cam O’bi, Caroline Smith, James Solomon, and Dana Williams. The stellar list of feature artists makes one think that Rejjie Snow needs the help, however the album would be just as great no Rejjie’s contributions alone.

Released on February 16th,
‘Dear Annie’ features themes of love and it’s flaws, the ups and downs of love and lust, heartbreak, and everything in between. Thank you to whoever broke Rejjie Snows heart, as it helped him create a killer piece of art. His sound is clearly influenced by N.E.R.D and Odd Future whose sounds, much like Snows, are a journey through genres and themes, yet tie together so cohesively.

That’s what ‘Dear Annie’ is – an odyssey through Rejjie Snows eyes. There is an ethereal, almost out of space tone to the album, which almost ties the immense amount of genres together. But with such a vast range of sounds, one has to ask – has Rejjie Snow found his own identity yet?

The album begins with a beautiful track featuring funky keys and brass sounds and child-like vocals chanting about how beautiful life is and how we should be free, aptly titled ‘Hello’.

The next track, ‘Rainbows’, is a good introduction to who Rejjie Snow is, setting the scene of black culture and romance, and it is here that you can begin to hear the ethereal tone of the album. There is a reoccuring theme in ‘Dear Annie’ – a forbidden love, and the difficulties behind that.

The single off ‘Dear Annie’, ‘Egyptian Luvr’, is produced by Kaytranada and features the wonderful Aminé & Dana Williams, and is the clear force that proves Snow’s ability as a hit writer. ‘Egyptian Luvr’ is the perfect end to the first half of the album, with tracks like ‘Pink Lemonade’ and ‘Spaceships’ complimenting his 90’s R&B/N.E.R.D vibe.


It’s not until the second half of the album that we start to see a different side to Rejjie Snow. The lovebug theme of the first half is washed away, as we start to hear about Rejjies deep inner struggles. ‘Room 27’ is a great example of this, as Snow is contemplating suicide due to heartbreak (“Still I’m chasing demons/Best believe I ain’t been eating/Best believe I see my shadow checking on me like I’m Jesus,”).

Another example can be found in the track ‘Bye Polar’, where Snows ominous side is shown via dark tones in both his vocals and in the beat. Nearing the end of the album, ‘Charlie Brown’ is an ode to his bad behaviour and 80’s synth pop.

In all, ‘Dear Annie’ is a well planned and executed album that explores many themes such as identity, love, loss, and dealing with your inner demons. This is just the beginning of greatness for Rejjie Snow.


Listen to ‘Dear Annie’ by Rejjie Snow below & be sure not to miss out next time he touches down on Australian shores 💰


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Rejjie Snow. Corner Hotel, Melbourne – June 7 –
📷: @kitchenwizards for @audollars

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