Jannah Beth’s diverse debut EP, Product of a Dreamer, is the long-awaited all-in from the Sydney-based talent.

Though it might be five years since Jannah Beth’s debut of the smooth, electronic-infused single ‘Cut Sick’, the arrival of her first project comes at the perfect time. Past the point of succumbing to fan pressure or confining herself to a particular genre, Product of a Dreamer spins sonics of hip-hop, R&B, and funk into the empowering stories of a Sydney Inner-West dreamer.

Product of a Dreamer is the commitment of being that dreamer, and the tangible product that you can get for it if you can manage to get through the hurdles of everyone telling you that you can’t do it.”

The five-track project begins with ‘Who Am I To Judge’, the carefree jazz piano-ballad that finds Beth interchanging her singing and rapping as she simultaneously lifts the weight of judgment. As it grows with triumphant gospel choir vocals and acoustic percussion, the EP introduction strips you of any heavy judgment or distraction before venturing any deeper into the Product of a Dreamer. Sweeping you off your weightless state, the smooth instrumentals of ‘Sweet Sugar’ come storming in alongside Jannah’s versatile and lively vocals.

POAD’s lead single ‘Want Me Dead’ is the project’s shining moment complete with “luscious melodies, poignant poetry and some sexy saxophone.”  The song explores Beth’s meaningful relationship with music and her conflicting experiences in the industry.

“Music is so intrinsic to me and has been an intrinsic way for me to express myself since I knew what it was.”

Showcasing her resilience hinted in ‘Want Me Dead’, Beth sings “I’m not ever gonna shutdown to sleep” in pitched down vocals on the poignant fourth track. Taking influence from her dream collaborator Sampha, Beth creates the dreamy soundscape of ‘Shutdown’ to sing her words of motivation of dreamers everywhere. Product of a Dreamer follows a wide-eyed artist navigating through each obstacle of her life with an aurora of determination and optimism. Despite the setbacks, she’s able to persevere as we reach the uplifting closing track ‘Never Miss’, featuring fellow Sydney-based artist Temgazi. Though Beth showcases her experienced vocal range, Temgazi brings a refreshing final voice to the EP as the two sing colourful melodies over the upbeat hip-hop/R&B production.

With her debut EP finally finished and released, Jannah Beth is eager to remain purposeful in collaboration while she busily aims toward her second project. Alongside Products of a Dreamer, Beth has recently founded an artist-run studio space in Marrickville, Sydney named Offbeat Collective. The creative space offers six resident artist studios and one daily hire production room.  

“This space, I can just see it being a heartbeat for people who haven’t been given an opportunity otherwise.”

Watch the full interview between Matthew Craig and Jannah Beth below via our YouTube channel where she talks about releasing her debut project, growing up as a dreamer, and lets us in on what’s in store for the future. Also catch her in a quick round of AUD’$ Rapid Fire describing her dream collab, her first celebrity crush, and her thoughts about pineapple on pizza. Be sure to let us know if you’re vibing with the interview in the comments!

Interview by Matthew Craig. Article by Frank Tremain.

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