“IN BLOOM” [Music Video] | Ca$h Of The Day



“In Bloom is a song that celebrates feminine energy in the world, it is an ode to those who are speaking up and gaining confidence and strength. Balancing playfulness and straight up in your face demanding an even space. It was inspired by my experiences that have led me to grow and allow myself to just be me.”

Jannah Beth’s second music video, “In Bloom,”was shot by Adam Scarf, Vuk Mikic, & Ed Whitfield – Camera Operator. What transpired is gorgeous, limitlessly colourful, and fundamentally uplifting in a down to the core of your very being kinda way. So many visual delights, so treat yourself, mural by Lotte Smith included!

Work flow stays up and it seems the stars all align for Beth, just after a run of wild single launches for “In Bloom” across Melbourne and Sydney, Beth will be hitting the stage again to support Ivan Ooze for what is set to be a huge sold out show tomorrow night @ The Cambridge 🔥


Check out “In Bloom” via Youtube below 💰


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