Hoodzy is the antithesis to the traditional Australian ‘Skip-Hop’ stereotype. A teenage, queer, female POC artist, she is unafraid and unapologetically packing every release with bars and 808 bass. The recently turned 18-year-old emcee approaches her art with the poise of a veteran and as the epitome of steeze.  

Originally WA, now QLD based, Hoodzy kicked off last year with her announcement as the first signee to Hau Latukefu’s ‘Forever Ever’ label imprint. To work under the mentorship of an OG like Hau is an opportunity that she is more than is grateful to have. 

“It’s a real family connection having other Poly artists around you, so it’s a no brainer to work with them,” Hoodzy said in a chat with AUD’$. 

Her first release under the new label was ‘The Land’, a Papertoy produced anthem empowering all to rep where they’re from. Intertwining flows and laying down bars as the beat rings with sirens, ‘The Land is an alarm for the stirring potential of Hoodzy. Following her fiery label debut, she joined Nerve on the remix of Swish Music’s ‘Showtime’ and delivered the swaggering freestyle-esque ‘Hardcase‘.

Closing out a fire 2020, Hoodzy dropped the infectious, razor sharp yet buttery-smooth single, ‘Jumpy‘. The head turning production comes from none other than i.amsolo, an Aus MVP known for his work with B-Wise and ONEFOUR.

“He’s just crazy. That man (i.amsolo) can do anything, just tell him what you want and he’s in there!”

Hoodzy’s latest track is evidence of an even bigger year ahead for the young artist – with hopes to work on a project and to drop more singles throughout 2021. No matter what the next twelve months has in store for Hoodzy, she’s determined to continue being a role model for upcoming musicians and young minorities. Last year Hoodzy etched her name in the scene, this year she’ll underline it.

“I’m 18, female, gay, brown skin and chasing the same dream even if the odds are already against me. I’ll never be ashamed of who I am. The world is mine. If you’re rocking with me, all love is for ya’ll!”

Watch the full interview between Matthew Craig and Hoodzy below via our YouTube channel, where she talks about working with Hau, navigating the music industry as a teen and what her dream collab would be in a round of AUD’$ Rapid Fire. Be sure to like, subscribe, and leave your thoughts in the comments. ?

Article by Frank Tremain. Interview by Matthew Craig.

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