Meet Joshua (right). Joshua is the yung Sydney creative/brand owner behind ‘Any Means‘. Aside from having his pieces worn in a handful of music videos (including waking up one day to see a Parisian rapper wearing one of his shirts in his video clip, loving it so much be even named the song after it), you can see his stickers slapped up in New York, Hong Kong, LA, and other parts of the world. Multiple collections and drops having sold out from the growing demand.

“I did my first proper studio shoot this year which I was super happy about, and just hearing every other day about peoples’ interactions with the brand, whether it’s my friends telling me they’ve seen someone wearing it at this event or at that place, or they’ve had random people come up to them and ask about the shirt they’re wearing. It’s all humbling to me, but I don’t usually try to count my blessings. There’s still a lot of growing for me to do.” – Joshua (Any Means)

We had a chat with the trendsetter, just to get a lil’ insight to the vision.

AUD$: Where are you from/living and how old are you?

Joshua: Sydney has been my home for the last 21 years.

AUD$: When and where was Any Means founded?

Joshua: I had my very first batch of tees printed around the end of 2014. The idea to start my own clothing brand had always been in my mind; drawing and art is in my blood, and I’ve always been into fashion, streetwear and clothing in general, so my plan was to bring my interests and strengths together into one melting pot which ultimately became Any Means. I started to think more seriously about it towards the end of high school and as I was studying at Tafe afterwards; by the time I finished my classes I had my own design on my back.

AUD$: Tell me about the Vintage Capsule Collection.

Joshua: The Vintage Capsule Collection is a little drop I’ve been working on for a minute. A small collection of three vintage designer jackets which I’ve customised and hand painted in my room during late nights in and days off. Before I got into doing Any Means I would go thrifting and op shopping all the time looking for vintage and classic pieces – denim jackets being among that. I loved finding amazing stuff that I knew no one else would have, so when it came to this collection I wanted to have that same feeling but turned up a little with the customisation. Each jacket is unique with the way the spray paint falls onto them and the subtle differences of the hand painted lettering between each piece; so even though they’re part of the same collection, they are each their own one of ones.

AUD$: What is your end game? (The goals of your brand)

Joshua: For the most part – to inspire. I ultimately want to inspire people to do their own thing and do it their way. That’s what the whole brand stands for – to go out and get what you want and do what you want, by Any Means; but to speak more tangibly – I’m really not too sure yet to be honest, I’m still trying to figure how I want my brand to end up, but until then I’m going to keep making the things that I like, and hopefully others will continue to enjoy it.

AUD$: 3 words to describe Any Means?

Joshua: Up to you.



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