“THIS HIGH” | Ca$h Of The Day


IMG via Sticks & Stones Agency

After a major few months consisting of flying to the 3k in order to support USA’s UnoTheActivist, all while organising and putting on one hell of a single launch for today’s Ca$h, ‘This High,’ it appears we can confirm that quality over quantity still rings true for Phillabu$trr. The SYD based enigma seems to be, hopefully 🤞, steadily releasing from his archive of polished tunes after periods of being pretty much MIA. The latest gem to fall at our feet is ‘This High’, the record is an up-beat & dreamy, double time flex. Showcasing just how phenomenally Phillabu$trr can utilize and throw his voice into the role of different instruments.

Check out ‘This High’ via Spotify below 💰


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